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Supplies Outlet Overall Rating: 4.85 Stars

What Are People Saying About Supplies Outlet? coupon 2016

Based on plenty of reviews left by past customers on Yelp, Google, Bizrate, and the company website itself, ratings for Supplies Outlet seems to be generally positive among reviewers that have bought products from the store and online. Many consumers gave similar details on what factors made up their great or poor customer experience, and a few actually described their situations fully to better explain their reasoning behind the rating they gave. Provided that Supplies Outlet is a Google trusted store and customer certified by Bizrate, it has a 4.7/5-star rating from more than 14,000 reviews based on data collected by said review websites.

Great Quality for a Great Price

Fully satisfied customers who gave a five-star rating commonly mentioned that the products that they bought were of great quality and that the prices were lower than anywhere else they researched, thus having nothing to complain about. One reviewer noted that he bought a whole set of ink cartridges for the cost of one to two cartridges that he regularly purchases from Office Depot, and yet another customer expressed that he bought six toner cartridges for the price of one brand name item. Moreover, it was emphasized by one buyer that the products on Supplies Outlet have prices less than ¼ of the prices in Canadian stores, implying that the store is highly convenient and fair priced even for those outside of the US.

One particular customer claimed that he is actually an employee that works for Supplies Outlet, and he essentially compared prices from other websites such as HP and Office Depot to the Supplies Outlet website, stating that Supplies Outlet prices were about 1/3 of the cost of competing brands. He provides information on the company's 100% product quality guarantee and notes that their replacement cartridges won't void a customer's printer warranty. According to this testimony, the customer supports the company based on his previous purchases.

The products are likeable by customers especially for the versatility of the toner, despite some hesitation towards purchasing. One buyer bought toner for his laser printer and commented that his "prints are crisp and clear both on cheap printer paper and hi-test glossy paper." Likewise, not only are the customers ecstatic about the incredibly low prices for cartridges that Supplies Outlet offers, but they love that the website additionally implements discount coupons so that buyers can save even more money.

Although remanufactured ink and toner cartridges may seem to be a risky buy for customers who have been purchasing brand name cartridges from stores like HP, Office Depot, Staples, etc., a lot were pleased with the outcome of their ordered products. Many customers seem to have payed only a third of what they would commonly pay for ink and toner cartridges while using the Supplies Outlet website, which looks to be one of the greatest factors of the company.

People Love the Amazingly Fast Shipping

The ordering process before deliveries are shipped is said to be quick, easy, and painless, and after placing their orders, a lot of customers reported that shipping was very fast (up to 3 days by USPS Ground) and often arrive on time. Some even got their order a day before it was quoted to be delivered at their door. Tracking orders have been a popular feature on the website among buyers, and even if some did not receive a tracking number, they weren't too worried since their delivery would only take a couple of days anyway.

Most have also noted that their orders were neatly packaged and organized, better ensuring quality products to customers. Along with free shipping over orders of $99, consumers were happy with the service and keep going back the website to order again.

Customer Service is a Thumbs Up

When it comes to customer service, a lot of positive reviewers pointed out that the service representatives were friendly, fast, and informative. Some customers said they were apprehensive towards purchasing non-OEM parts from the website, but were satisfied by the "smooth, first class operation" of Supplies Outlet. It was additionally mentioned that representatives were happy to guide customers through solving certain issues such as cartridges not fitting or error messages from printers after installation. There seems to have been slight issues when trying to return a product for a refund since the process included several emails, but nonetheless, buyers have often been refunded.

Whenever customers have had a problem, many stated that they received quick replies from customer service whether it was by email or phone call, which entailed to buyers that Supplies Outlet truly cares about their clients. As mentioned, returning may involve a bit of back and forth communication, but most have declared that customer service tries their absolute best to have customers' problems immediately resolved. Some buyers tend to receive defective orders that either don't work properly, slightly leak, or have any other small flaw, but it is said that when they ask for a replacement, Supplies Outlet will happily send a new cartridge, which many were happy about. Overall, it looks like these reviewers have received a positive experience, declaring that they would buy from Supplies Outlet once again and would highly recommend the website to their friends.

What About the Bad Reviews?

Although most clients had a generally pleasant experience with Supplies Outlet, negative reviewers commonly reported minor issues with the products and shipping. Some had difficulty with fitting their new cartridges into their printer, others said that their cartridges were defective, leaked or had a shorter life span than expected, and it was discovered that the company uses generic boxes thus explaining why the packaging may be mislabeled at times and not of the best quality. A few buyers didn't even receive a notification that their shipment was on the way, which was a bit troublesome for those who favor tracking information. In contrast to those who commented on the fast shipping, it took a little longer than three days for some.

One customer describes her situation where her order did not have any tracking info and waited for more than a week, only to find out her order was never shipped due to the product being out of stock when ordered. She then criticizes the customer service for it did not inform her of any issues with her order. Along with faulty shipping, some orders were reported to have missing components. A buyer noticed he only received six out of ten cartridges from his order and never got his other four cartridges.

After the product has been shipped and delivered, a few customers did not quite appreciate the frequent emails coming from Supplies Outlet which they consider to be spam. One customer disclaimed that Supplies Outlet sent an email less than six weeks after his purchase recommending the buyer replace the cartridge, which he thinks doesn't exactly ensure confidence in the product if the company doesn't expect it to last more than two months. Furthermore, customer service didn't seem to be the most helpful for a few buyers, which is one of the most important elements of a company to some. In the case of shipping, a buyer shared his disappointment when remarking that he received five of the wrong cartridges twice, declaring that Supplies Outlet has lousy organization when it comes to shipping out orders. Similarly, it was an inconvenience to some who complained about the company not paying for return shipping.

Supplies Outlet claims that their cartridges are "engineered to meet or exceed originals," yet negative reviewers state that this message is misleading and they would rather spend more money on decent products. They also expressed that cheap prices mean cheap quality, thus warning others to steer clear of the company.

Is Supplies Outlet Worth the Time and Money?

As discussed, there are mostly good reviews and there are very few negative reviews that exist for Supplies Outlet, and considering that there are more than 14,000 reviews from several survey websites such as Google, Bizrate, Yelp, and Reseller Ratings, a 4.7/5 overall rating signifies the company's success in their sales. Most of the buyers did enjoy their time with Supplies Outlet due to friendly and informative customer service, excellent product quality, low and competitive prices, and fast shipping. Among negative reviewers, poor product quality was commonly noted, along with rude and hostile customer service, "get what you pay for" pricing, and slow unorganized shipping. Based on the large number of satisfactory reviews outnumbering the bad, Supplies Outlet seems to be a viable option for those searching for an alternative ink and toner retailer. A lot of customers who support Supplies Outlet have been buying products from the company for years and highly recommend the store to potential buyers. Coupon: Save 10% OFF printer ink and toner by using coupon code: Patriot