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It’s common knowledge that STD testing is important for taking control of your sexual health and protecting the health of your partners. Testing is simple and fairly inexpensive, but anxiety and embarrassment often keep people from taking this step. Sexually transmitted diseases can be present without any noticeable symptoms, leaving those who have been exposed open to unknowingly sharing their misfortune. The website now offers an online alternative for discreet, anonymous testing with fast, private results.

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About is a service that offers the ability to order tests online and receive results in one to two days. The site offers a 10-test panel for all major STDs or single tests for Syphilis, HIV 1 and 2, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes 1 and 2, or Hepatitis A, B and C. It is also the only clinic offering HIV RNA testing for early HIV detection. Costs are among the lowest in the industry. The 10-test panel is $219, or $349 with HIV RNA testing. Individual tests range from $24 to $85.

Ordering online is simple, and the test takes five minutes. There are over 4,000 labs available throughout the United States including most LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics locations. No appointment is necessary, and same-day testing is available. There is no paperwork to fill out, no questions to be answered, and you can expect results to be delivered quickly by encrypted email. Payment options include credit card, check, health-savings account (HSA) card, or PayPal. It’s important to note that health insurance is not accepted as a form of payment.

Is it Reliable?

All tests are FDA approved, and are the same ones that are used in hospitals and clinics. You can be confident in knowing that each lab is Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) certified. Results arrive in clear, easy-to read PDF format and for every positive test result (except oral herpes) the company provides a free over-the-phone physician consultation. Sample Test Results

I’m Ready, How Do I Start?

The first step is to visit the website and determine which tests are right for you. If you are unsure, there is a 15-question tool to help you determine your need. Ordering is done either online or over the phone. Choose from a list of available labs in your area, provide your personal and payment information, and you will receive an email with your personal code and the address of your chosen lab. Simply visit the lab, provide the necessary blood or urine sample, and wait for your results to arrive. If you have any questions or want to check on the status of your results, councilors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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What About Privacy?

Testing and results are 100% confidential. The company is bound by state and federal privacy laws, including HIPAA rules. When you purchase your test you are provided with a unique code which will allow you to visit the lab without providing you name or contact information. This code is used to track and receive your test results. Results are provided via 128-bit encrypted secure email, and once your testing is complete the company does not retain your personal or payment information.

By not accepting insurance as a form of payment, the company is protecting your results from being reported to your insurance company or added to your medical records.

Uh Oh, I Received a Positive Result. Now What?

If you receive a positive test result, you will have the option of consulting with a physician to discuss your options. Depending on the diagnosis, you may receive a prescription or be referred to a specialist. There is an additional charge of $64 for prescription medication.

Notifying sexual partners of a positive test result is an awkward and embarrassing necessity. offers an anonymous STD notification service. Simply provide contact information and your partners will receive either a text or email notifying them of possible exposure without mention of your name.

So Is Legit?

Online reviews both on the website and on third-party sites are overwhelmingly positive. The company is Better Business Bureau accredited and has an A+ rating. Although they do get some complaints, it seems that they are quickly addressed and resolved.

The primary complaint revolves around the time it takes to receive results. While the site prominently states that results are provided in one to two days, it does not indicate that they are referring to business days. This means that if you take a test on a Saturday, you may not receive your results until Tuesday or Wednesday. For an already anxious customer, those extra few days can feel like a lifetime. Results from HIV RNA tests also take slightly longer. This is not clearly indicated on the site and has resulted in a few unhappy customers.

Since insurance is not accepted, you will have to pay for the service out of pocket. If you have good coverage and are not overly embarrassed by the need for testing, you may be able to save money by visiting your doctor or local clinic.

Other complaints are based mostly on long hold times when reaching out to counselors and dissatisfaction with the services offered after a positive test result. If you are diagnosed with certain STDs, you may end up having to visit your local doctor for treatment.

The company does allow you to cancel testing any time before you visit the lab. Refunds will be received within 24-48 hours, but will be charged a 20% service fee. If you cancel 21 days or more after purchase, refunds will not be offered, but you will receive credit for future testing.

Overall, it’s clear that is definitely legitimate! Going into it with realistic expectations will help to reduce any disappointment. Ultimately you can depend on this company to provide the services provided at a reasonable price and with great reliability. Special Deal: Save $10 OFF with This Coupon Link Today´╝ü
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Why users love ? - Honest Reviews

STD Check have over 6,000 Facebook likes, and nearly 5,000 positive reviews that have topped our approval rates to 9.8/10! People from all cultures, backgrounds, educational levels, religions, and ethnic groups use our services.

How do we know all this? People tell us their stories in their reviews. They express their fears, anxieties, and tell us how STDcheck helps to avoid prejudices and stigmas associated with testing. Ironically, testing is a socially responsible practice for which there should be no stigma. Until that happens, STDcheck will be there offering services.

Customer Highlights: 11 reasons why users love the services

1. Speed!

User reviews constantly mention the quick turnout of results. To be able to get an email as soon as one or 2 days is a relief for many. If you test positive, getting an early diagnosis means:

  • immediate access to treatment
  • a chance to get cured or to keep the condition 100% under control
  • a better quality of life
  • a healthier, less risky life with greater peace of mind

2. Privacy

The second most popular review has to do with our privacy practices. Our customers are elated to know that they do not need to go to their primary care provider, or a free clinic, or a even a gynecologist, to get tested and treated. In fact, their favorite feature is that they do not have to endure questioning or be at risk of potential judgment. Think how much easier it would be for everyone get tested this way.

At STDcheck:

  • you only go to a test center to drop off samples
  • the test centers are not connected to STD clinics; they are regular medical clinics
  • no one will ask your name, the reason why you are there, or about any symptoms
  • your medical records will not reflect any connection to the test center
  • your credit card records will show a general business name on the file, not connected to STDs or

3. Availability

The third most popular review has to do with the availability of tests. You can take an individual test for a specific condition. However, for just a small extra amount, you can get a battery of 10 tests in one same order. Every STD test is available on the site. You can even select a test center wherever you want.

4. Dignity

One salient fact among our reviewers is preserving the dignity throughout the whole process. It is harder to undergo STD testing with others involved. STDcheck gives a unique, and first-ever opportunity for people to take responsibility of their situation at their own pace, with very short wait times, and with all the tools and resources necessary to solve any potential issues—all in one same place.

5. Ease of use

Our users love using because it is easy and discreet, from ordering, to paying, to getting results.

The first step is to order. Users get to select, either a 10-Test panel (a group 10 different tests in one order), or individual tests. You can order online, or by phone.

The second step is taking the sample to the test center. Once you receive your kit, follow the directions included in your materials to submit for diagnosis. The test centers are regular diagnostics centers that check for every condition, not just STDs.

Users love the fact that the can go in to drop off the sample, and nobody knows what the sample is, or for what type of test. Plus, you just go in and out. This is another feature that STDcheck customers really dig.

The third step is awaiting results. After you send your test sample, your results will be delivered by email within one or two days.

6. “Universal” testig centers

Centers are open Monday through Friday, and some locations are also available on Saturdays. offers a handy locator tool so that you can do further research and find the center that is the most convenient for your needs.

In their website reviews, some users have mentioned that they enjoy the convenience of centers outside of their living area. Others prefer centers that are as close to home as possible. Just enter your zip code, and STDcheck will provide a map with all locations.

The key benefits of the centers that users love the most include:

  • Zero appointments
  • No paperwork
  • No waiting
  • You will only be there for a few minutes

7. Results by email

Users love the privacy and discreet nature of the diagnosis. Your lab results are sent via email. The email is sent under the company’s generic name, which has no connection to lab testing, medical clinics, or STDs.

8. Counselors always available

Not sure what to do after you get your results? Call one of our counselors, free of charge. They are for consultations, support, and further information. Our reviews show that the counselors have always been available 24/7, and that the rapport with the clients is immediate. This means that customers feel comfortable and free to express themselves with our certified counseling staff.

9. Physician’s support

Users also dig the fact that, if you wish to speak to a doctor that specializes in STDs, or if you test positive and need medication or advice, STDcheck lets you speak directly with a board certified doctor. This does not have to be your own physician, but another, privately suggested medical doctor who specializes in STDs and can show you what to do next.

10. Top privacy

Perhaps the most popular feature of STDcheck is the staunch preservation of the privacy of all health documents and diagnosis. This is not just a good feature of the site; it also the law. Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996 to establish national standards to protect the medical information and health records of each individual. STDcheck takes great steps to ensure that your information, and the entire process, remains strictly confidential.

11. User MEGA favorite: Protection of all information.

  • Your data is entirely encrypted at an industrial-standard.
  • No personal questions are ever asked; you will not be spoken to, nor asked to give any type of information.
  • Results are NOT reported to your insurance.
  • Results will NOT be placed in your medical records.
  • Email results and credit card charges are made under our generic company name, which has no association to STD testing, medical clinics, or even the medical field.

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