Simple Golf Swing System Review

The Simple Golf Swing reviews

Does The Simple Golf Swing Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of David Nevogt 's Program:

Golf is a great pastime that nearly anyone can enjoy, but perfecting your golf swing takes a lot more than just going to the driving range once a week. A good golf swing requires strength, form, mobility, flexibility and control. There is also a psychological component, and if your head isn’t in the right place the ball won’t be either.

Simple Golf Swing is a system that teaches golfers of all skill levels how to perfect their swings and add distance and accuracy to their drives. David Nevogt, the creator of the program, has been teaching golfers how to improve their swings for more than 15 years, and he knows all the secrets to an award winning stroke. If you’re looking to cut a few strokes off your handicap and take your game to the next level, this course is a must-have.

A Realistic Approach

There are many golf programs out there that promise prospective customers they will be driving and putting like the pros in 8 short weeks—but this isn’t one of them. Nevogt is honest with his customers, and makes it clear that you will not become a pro from taking his course. The aim here is to improve your game, not make millions on the PGA tour. The pros spend their whole lives perfecting their game, and you shouldn’t expect to reach their skill level from any course.

This kind of honesty is refreshing in an information product, as they have garnered a reputation for outrageous claims and dishonest sales techniques. Simple Golf Swing tells it to you straight so you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Perfecting the Swing

Now that your dreams of becoming a pro have been crushed we can talk about what this program can actually do for your golf game. Dave is convinced that the reason most amateur golfers fail to improve has to do with some very basic problems in their strokes. With his system you will learn how to diagnose your current swing for problems and adapt a new swinging style that is appropriate for your stature and abilities.

This is the real key of the program. Your goal is not to learn Tiger Wood’s swing—it is to learn what the best swing is for you and your body. This is where a lot of golfers go wrong. They try to emulate the pros rather than working with what they’ve got. Nevogt hammers this point home throughout the course to keep you focused on your swing, not the swing of your favorite pro.

The Mechanical Advantage

When you learn how to swing correctly for your body type, strength and mobility levels, you will notice an immediate improvement in your drives. Dave claims that most of his students are immediately able to add 20 yards to their driver stroke by making some basic corrections that take only an hour or so to learn. This can make a huge difference in your score, and it’s just the very first component of the course.

Benefits of Simple Golf Swing

What Dave focuses on in the program is getting golfers to remove all of the unnecessary movements from their swings. What this does is allow you to put all of your strength behind driving the ball forward rather than wasting it on extraneous movement. By making a few small tweaks to your swing you will be able to:

  • Master the mechanics of your swing to add distance and improve accuracy.
  • Perfect your set-up so you always have the right swing plane.
  • Position your hips and elbows so you drive straight every time—no more slicing!
  • Use mental focusing and breathing techniques to get centered before every swing.

This multimedia course includes the main eBook, video tutorials, and ten relevant bonus products that will help you improve every aspect of your golf game.

You will find lessons covering a range of topics including:

  • Proper setup mechanics
  • Gripping the club
  • Alignment of your stance
  • Timing your stroke
  • Ideal backswing
  • Mastering the downswing
  • The perfect finish

If you are ready to cut 7 to 10 strokes off of your golf game and put more air under your drives, you will definitely want to get your hands on David Nevogt’s award winning course.