The Secret of Deliberate Creation Review

The Secret of Deliberate Creation reviews

Does The Secret of Deliberate Creation Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Robert Anthony's Program:

In this article I’m going to share my personal, honest opinion of "The Secret of Deliberate Creation," a program from Dr Robert Anthony. In case you don't know who Dr Anthony is, here's some information about him. He obtained a Behavioral Psychology Ph.D. and has worked in fields such as NLP practice, hypnosis, psychotherapy, and personal performance training. He has been explaining the mind's mysteries for more than 30 years.

According to its author, "The Secret of Deliberate Creation" allows you to design your life, rather than letting it happen by default, thanks to the experience if gives you in the scientific practice of making your desires come to fruition. Since this is a strong thing to say, I made the decision to test it out for myself.

What You Get

The program consists of six audio CDs. If you prefer, you can reap substantial savings on the cost by choosing the downloadable version. Dr Anthony's speech is notably easy to understand and to listen to, being both full of relevant content and perfectly concise. It will explain how to create what you want out of life; it might be love, money, better relationships, business and career ideas, or better health, and so on.

It's not just about positive thinking and motivation, though. Rather, it works on a considerably deeper level, teaching you about the universe's natural laws and how you can align yourself with them. You do this by attracting into your life what you desire, not by attempting to get rid of things you don't like. This isn't something we do naturally, but it makes perfect sense—though to reach this point, we do need a certain amount of reconditioning.

After everything above has been gone through, you can tackle the Quick Start Bonus Module. In fact, I made 2-3 passes through the discs to make sure I had a thorough understanding of the material. I discovered that I was taking in more detail, and reinforcing what I had learned previously, on each listen through them.

The Quick Start bonus CD helps you put it all together and helps you put the theory into practice to start manifesting the things you want in your own life.


As a bonus you’ll receive some of the author’s bestselling books along with Intention Activator software. The software is designed to reinforce the content of the course by working on the subconscious level. The bonus products are great in and of themselves, and complement the main program quite well.


I must admit that initially I was resistant to some of Dr Anthony’s ideas, and found myself reshaping them to suit my own beliefs. After struggling with this some I decided to accept what he was saying in full, and found things just started falling into place from there. I started to feel very much in tune with what was happening around me, started making better decisions, and found that I could consciously assume the power to shape my reality. I am a believer in this system, and recommend it to anyone who wants to take the reigns of their own life.

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