WiseFixer Registry Cleaner Reviews

WiseFixer reviews

Does WiseFixer Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of WiseFixer's Program:

Is your computer running slower than it used to? Does it crash on you sometimes, and take forever to download files or load pages? If so, you could have errors in your registry that are compromising the performance and speed of your system. If these errors are not identified and repaired, your system will only continue to get slower and less efficient.

WiseFixer is a registry cleaner that scans your system, locates any registry errors that may be slowing it down, and immediately fixes them, returning your computer to optimal performance levels. It has received high marks from reviewers, and has established a reputation as one of the best software solutions in its niche. By all reports, the program is fast accurate, and thorough, and reliably boosts performance. The program includes some periphery tools as well to help optimize your system further and get your computer running as smoothly as possible.

Why Does My Registry Need Cleaning?

Some of you may be wondering what your registry is, and why it needs to be cleaned. It may help to think of your registry as a catalog that holds information about all processes, applications and files in your operating system. Every change made to your system is detailed in the registry, however insignificant the change may be. As you might imagine, your registry fills up with incredible amounts of information very quickly, and contains traces of all sorts of commands, installations, deletions, and tasks.

As these entries build up, they basically clog up your system, eventually slowing it down and decreasing its speed and performance. To deal with this problem and remove useless or fragmented entries from your registry, you need a special software program often referred to as a registry cleaner. WiseFixer is one such program, and many avid computer users claim that it is among the best of them.

What Makes WiseFixer so Effective?

Not all registry cleaners are created equal, and if you choose the wrong one it can do more harm than good to your computer. You can’t just go into your registry and clean everything out—many of the entries are necessary for your system to run correctly, and deleting the wrong entry can wreak havoc on your Windows installation, leading to serious problems.

WiseFixer knows exactly which entries are slowing down your machine, and which ones are crucial for it to run properly. It trims the fat without getting rid of any of the meat, so to speak. Your registry will be tidied up to make sure the processes running are essential, and that start-up applications are appropriately managed, and that your system resources are being used wisely.

Results From Our Testing

The tests we performed on WiseFixer back up the claims they make about the safety and efficacy of the program. We found it to be accurate, and very thorough in its removal of fragmented files and entries. After running the program boot times and processing speeds improves, and our machines all ran more smoothly.

Periphery Tools

The bundle also includes some other handy systems tools that we found to be quite impressive as well. It includes an internet cache and temporary file cleaner that helps remove “cookie clutter”, or the buildup of files left on your computer from websites you have visited.

Other tools in the WiseFixer bundle include:

  • · ActiveX Scanner
  • · Device error and software driver error toolkit
  • · File association and file format manager tool
  • · Windows shortcut cleaner
  • · Winsock2 repair tool

Further testing revealed that all of these tools delivered as promised, and fixed any issues under their respective purviews. We were quite surprised at the number or errors and issues the tools were able to find and repair, and the differences we saw in system performance following the scans was considerable.

The Right Solution

The WiseFixer suite clearly contains a great set of tools for Windows users, and is a necessary tool in our opinion. Most of us just accept that our computers will slow down as they age, but many of the issues that lead to this are easily repairable with the right tools. If your computer is not as fast or efficient as it used to be, don’t run right out and get a new one. You may just need a tool like WiseFixer to clean it up and get it running like new again.