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Does StyleEase Software Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of StyleEase's Program:

If you have ever had to write research papers or other forms of academic projects you probably know that there are a number of formatting rules to follow, and remembering what they all are and following them can be a real challenge. StyleEase software was designed to solve this very prevalent problem by making it easy to write in various styles correctly. The styles you will be able to format your work in using this software include:

  • APA Style (Mac and PC version)
  • Chicago/Turabian Style
  • MLA Style
  • Seminary Style

Automatic Formatting and References

With StyleEase all you have to do is tell the software what style you’d like to write in and it will automatically make the format changes necessary and inform you of any inclusions you need to make to satisfy the various requirements. The program lets you easily insert citations and references, and even saves them for use in future documents. It also allows you to add tables, figures, new pages, and separate chapters. Once you finish working on your document the various elements are all arranged according to the specifications designated by the chosen style, so you can be sure everything is in its right place.

Once you install the software you will be able to start documents from your Windows Start menu and pre-format them in any style you choose.

Simplify Your Writing Projects

Even professional writers often struggle with the details of the different formats they must write in. There are just so many rules to follow, and forgetting even one can get you in trouble with your professor or editor. This makes StyleEase a very useful tool for students, journalists, researchers, or anyone else who routinely writes material in one of the various standard styles. Why stress over remember all of the specifications when the program can do it all for you on autopilot?

The software was created to help its author, Gary Hillerson, write his Master's thesis, which had to be in APA (American Psychological Association) format. Luckily Gary had some software development experience and was able to craft a program that would help him with all those tricky layout issues, references and citations. From these humble beginnings StyleEase has grown into a professional software solution that helps writers in many different styles produce flawlessly formatted work.

A Comprehensive Formatting Solution

The software is now available in the four styles listed above, and with it you can create an unlimited number of documents from simple research reports to doctoral dissertations. When you purchase one of the software options you also get free updates for life, so you will always have the most current version with the newest bells and whistles. There are versions available for both Mac and PC users, and the programs can be fully installed in about 5 minutes. All this for about $35!

If writing in different styles has been giving you headaches trying to remember all of the formatting particulars, grab yourself a copy of StyleEase and have it all done for you with the push of a button.

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