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Registry Winner reviews

Does Registry Winner Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of's Program:

If you own a computer, I’m sure you know how frustrating it can be when it starts slowing down, taking forever to download things, and just choking in general. It seems as if the whole computer is being powered by a hamster running on a wheel—and the hamster is getting really tired. Many of these issues can be traced back to problems in your registry. The longer you have your machine the more errors can build up, which slow down performance and cause your system to crash.

If you are a heavy to moderate computer user and like it when your system is running at full speed, you need to have a good registry cleaner to get rid of these errors and keep them from bogging down your computer.

The Best Choice

One registry cleaner that has customers and reviewers raving about its performance is Registry Winner. This relatively new program has consistently proven its worth, and has earned a place among the best registry cleaners on the market. It quickly scans your entire system for registry errors, and when the scan is complete it fixes any errors it discovers in a matter of seconds.

If you have used registry cleaner software in the past you know that some programs can take an hour or more to perform a complete scan and correct the errors it finds. Nobody has time to sit around for an hour waiting to get their computer back, and with Registry Winner you won’t have to. Just start your scan, and within a couple minutes you will be back on your newly cleaned computer.

Installing Registry Winner

The installation process for Registry Winner is quite simple, and requires very little technical knowledge. The program will prompt you through the entire process, which will only take a minute or two. Once the installation is complete the program will ask you if you want to perform a scan, which I recommend that you do. Within a few short minutes RW will find and correct any errors in your registry, which should have your computer running faster and more smoothly.

The user interface is simple to navigate, and doesn’t have a bunch of different options to worry about. It does all of the heavy lifting for you. Once you initiate the scan it may take a minute or so before you see anything happening, but that is totally normal. Shortly thereafter you will see that the scan is underway. When the scan is complete RW will ask you if you want to correct the errors found in the process. Simply respond by clicking “yes”. You will be asked if you want to backup the registry before making any changes, and I recommend that you do so just to be safe. This will allow you to recover your registry if necessary.

IE Doctor

If you use Internet Explorer as your browser you will want to take advantage of this extra feature. It will keep the browser running smoothly and eliminate errors. IE tends to have persistent problems, so those of you who use it will find this feature beneficial.

PC Optimizer

This is another useful tool that comes with RW. It monitors the programs that open upon startup and works to improve your computers performance. RW will analyze your system and let you know which features of this tool will be beneficial to you, and which should be disabled.

Disk Defragmenter

The disk defragmenter will perform a scan and identify and file fragments that are hanging around and slowing down your system. Fragmented files build up over time and can have a negative impact on your system’s performance and speed.

Free Updates for Life

When you purchase Registry Winner you get free updates for life, so you will always have the most recent version of the software. It also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so the purchase is 100% risk free. If your computer isn’t quite as fast as it used to be or has been freezing up on you, your registry could be the issue. Get yourself a copy of this top-notch registry cleaner software and keep your computer running like new year after year.