Background Report 360 Review

Background Report 360 reviews

Does Background Report 360 Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of BackgroundReport360's Program:

If you want to have the ability to perform a thorough and accurate background check on someone, but are not sure how to do it, than you are reading the right article. In the following paragraphs I will take a thorough look at Background Report 360, a popular background check provider. They offer a comprehensive background report, and offer users a lot more than just an old address and phone number like some providers do. There are a number of situations where this could come in handy such as when:

  • Hiring employees
  • Dating a new person
  • Considering a business deal

You Just Never Know

Let’s face it; no matter how nice and trustworthy a person may seem, you never know what they might be capable of. Before you trust someone on a personal or professional level you should find out if they have any skeletons in their past that they haven’t told you about. By doing your due diligence in the beginning you can sleep easier at night knowing that the individual in question has a clean past.

What makes Background Report 360 such a powerful tool is the databases it has access to. It crosschecks databases all over the country, so you will always get the most accurate, up to date information from your searches. Not many background check providers can claim to provide such thorough and updated data. Some of the information you will be able to find includes:

  • Current and previous addresses and phone numbers
  • Former employers
  • Property owned
  • Social media activity
  • Names and locations of friends and relatives
  • Complete criminal history
  • Education

How does the Background Report 360 system work?

Once you become a paying member you gain full access to the resources of the site. You can choose between paying for individual searches or you can upgrade to an “unlimited search” membership. To request a report on an individual all you need is their first and last name and the state they reside in, if you know it. Within minutes the system will give you a full background report on the individual in question including all of the above listed information.

Highlights of the System

Overall I was quite impressed with the results I got from this service. Some of the perks worth mentioning include:

  • The search process took less than a minute. With just the name and state of residence I was able to get a full report in seconds.
  • I had a question about one of the search functions, so I emailed support for help. Within 12 hours my question was thoroughly answered.
  • You only get charged for successful searches. If for any reason the system cannot find the individual in question the search incurs no cost.
  • For only $29.95 the Comprehensive Background Check provides a ton of valuable information on the subject, much more than competing services.

Accurate Results Every Time

In some cases there may be more than one person with the name you are searching for in a given state. In instances like this the system will allow you to choose which individual is correct based on additional details it finds. As this happens quite frequently with searches, it is important that the system can handle the situation and still provide you with the correct results.

If a person shows up in multiple states you will get information from each so you can crosscheck the data for accuracy.

Are There Any Flaws to Mention?

I don’t consider this a flaw, but the reports have so much detail that it can be a bit of a process to weed through the data and find the information you are looking for. When it comes to information more is usually better, so I can’t complain about the pages of data I got. You never know what details from a person’s past will prove to be relevant, so I was happy to get all the information the system could find.

Overall, I would say Background Report 360 is the most thorough option available for online background searches—and it is fairly priced, especially considering the amount of detailed information it provides. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs fast and accurate background information for a reasonable price.

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