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Sleepy's is the most highly regarded mattress supplier in the world.


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The franchise that would become Sleepy's opened its first store in 1931. Father and son Louis and Harry Acker started on a corner of Brooklyn's Flatbush Avenue. Back then, the name was Bedding Discount Centers. Already a mattress professional, Louis taught Harry about the mattress industry. The son became even more dedicated than his father about creating comforting sleeping experiences for their customers.

Harry Acker incorporated the business in 1957. The name was changed to "Sleepy's." Harry was driven to give his customers the finest assortment of quality mattresses. Like his father, he was obsessed in seeing his staff knew every aspect of knotting, fabric and stitching that went into mattress engineering. Harry wanted his store to have a reputation as the most knowledgeable provider of mattresses and mattress experts in the field.

Two decades later, there would be eight stores and a warehouse in New Hyde Park. By 1986, Sleepy's would launch its new 60,000 square foot headquarters and distribution center in Port Washington. They'd eventually acquire other mattress franchises like Mattress Discounters and Kleinsleep. During the mid-1990s, Sleepy's both opened its 75th store and relocated its headquarters and distribution center to Bethpage, expanding to a 150,00 square foot facility.

Sleepy's was recently acquired by Mattress Firm, but still maintains its own identity and brand as the "Mattress Professionals." Determined to give everyone a great place to rest their heads, they have over 1,000 stores and remains the only privately owned and operated mattress retailer in America.

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Sleepy's mission is to ensure anyone that wants a comfortable night's sleep has it at the most affordable pricing. Their guarantee is paramount in the customer transaction. While they ask every customer to give a new mattress a few days before making a final decision, if you do decide you've purchased the wrong mattress, return it for a new mattress.

The store does offer in-home trials for specific vendor mattresses. You qualify for a 90 night trail on a Tempur-Pedic. ZuZu mattresses are eligible for a 100 night trial. Manufacturers G.S. Stearns, Laura Ashley and specific Serta products are available for a 120 night trial. A Broyhill 12" Gel or Beautyrest Phenom can be tested for a stunning 365 nights before a final decision is made. If you do test one of these mattresses and decide to not purchase, there will be handling fees to return them, but that fee is minimal considering the time invested to find out if you've found the right mattress.

Benefits of Using Sleepy's to Find a Mattress

Sleepy's takes the benefits of a good night's sleep seriously. Your mattress is critical to that. A good mattress is advantageous to both your mental and physical well-being. It should reduce aches and pains of sleeping on uncomfortable surfaces. Poorly constructed mattresses add to stress points which result in muscle pain. With Sleepy's, you are getting a mattress that promises to support the body, no matter what position you sleep in. Sleepy's professionals will ensure proper spinal alignment and minimizing of or wiping out stiffness. This ensures a better night's sleep, a relaxed and soothing awakening, and a healthier and happier day.

If you fail to choose a decent mattress, there are plenty of risks. Poor sleeping arrangements not only induce tossing and turning, sleeplessness and irritation that can follow you through the day, it raises the possibility of health issues. Sleepy's is about avoiding this. They know a restful night improves productivity. It helps maximize learning capabilities and problem solving skills. Anyone knows that when you're tired, it can affect how you react, work, think and interact with others.

Sleep is also critical to physical health. Continuous lack of good rest has been linked to heart and kidney disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Sleep deficiency increases the risk of obesity. Sleep also impacts the way the body reacts to the hormones that control glucose levels and can cause higher than normal blood sugar levels. This increase the possibility of diabetes. People who do not sleep well are more susceptible to common infections.

On the other hand, sleep is instrumental in the repair and healing of the heart and blood vessels. It helps maintain a healthy balance of hormones. Sleep supports growth and development. This is essential to our children. When in deep sleep, hormones are triggered that promote natural growth. Sleep boosts muscle mass and helps in the repair of tissues and cells. Healthy sleep has also been associated with a strong puberty cycle and fertility. The immune system relies on sleep in order to rejuvenate itself.

Sleepy's Offers Nothing But the Best

Sleepy's carries an array of brands. Within each is a series of comfort levels, meaning you can find a good fit regardless of your budget.

Firm Mattresses: A firm mattress is the ideal solution if you prefer full bodied support. This type of mattress is engineered to keep the spine aligned. If you suffer from neck, back or joint pain, a firmer mattress will enhance comfort. A lot of these problems are the result of a mattress's unevenness, leaving a sleeping body to sag, creating a misalignment in muscles and joints. Firmer mattresses promise better weight distribution, minimizing the possibility of misalignment.

Hybrid Mattresses: Hybrids combine the latest tech in gel, coil and memory foam, offering a level of unequaled relaxation and sleep. Hybrids are a blend of contouring comfort and reliable support. The coil system allows bounciness with the memory foam promising an unparalleled and personalized embrace.

Luxury Mattresses: A luxury mattress is the difference between slipping behind the wheel of a tractor trailer and a town car. This is supreme comfort that you will feel from the very first night. Plush and sturdy, these mattresses are designed with fibers like alpaca and cashmere. Models can be moisture and fire resistant. They can regulate body temperature and maximize pressure point relief.

Pillow Top Mattresses: Pillow top mattresses are designed to last longer than other mattresses because they return to their original shape each day. That means you won't need to flip the mattress every few years to minimize surface wear and tear. They are cushioned, but firm and supportive, adjusting to the various pressure points of the body.

Plush Mattresses: Plus mattresses carefully balance softness and firmness, delivering a relaxing experience for couples where each partner has their own mattress preference. With a plush mattress, couples can negotiate on the comfort zone that lets each sleep on their own terms. These mattresses ease aches and pains, and offer great joint relief.

Boxsprings: As a foundation of any bed, you need a good boxspring. It provides the support that ensures your mattress will be comfortable and stable for a long time. From a classic steel bed base frame to modernized construction with storage space, Sleepy's has the product that will enhance every sleeping experience.

Cribs & Children's Beds: As already stressed, sleep is critical in the development of children and teenagers. Sleepy's suggest memory foam for the kids, as this solution will automatically adjust itself as our little sleeper's grow. Sleepy's also offers mattresses and boxsprings in different colors. It will make going to bed a little fun.

Daybeds & Futons: If you have limited space or frequent overnight guests, daybeds and futons are versatile solutions. Many of these mattresses tend to be poorly constructed for maximizing a level of rest, with the focus being on fold-ability as opposed to comfort. Sleepy's promises a quality product that comes as close to sleeping on a regular bed as it gets.

Adjustable Beds: Flexibility is become a staple in the bedroom. Adjusting the bed's base gives you the opportunity to sit up while you read or watch television. These beds can be beneficial if you have sinus issues, a partner that snores or back pain. Heighten the comfort with a built-in massager.

Choosing a Mattress

While Sleepy's certainly offers ample opportunity to ensure you've picked the right mattress, every customer knowing how to go about choosing a mattress is important to Sleepy's. You ought to know the mattress should support the body in a neutral position, where the spine is comfortable and the upper and lower portions of the body are properly aligned. When shopping for a mattress, Sleepy's wants you take your time. It's advised you spend 10 to 15 minutes on a bed to test it. You should even bring your own pillow.

Be sure to let your mattress professional know about all your sleeping conditions. If your partner prefers one kind and you another, if you have body pain or if you have trouble sleeping. The professional's knowledge will help narrow down your options in mattresses, boxsprings and even pillows. Perform your own due diligence as well, getting a handle on what's available through Sleepy's website and blog.

Not Just a Good Night's Sleep

Sleepy's is also a provider of furnishings that enhance your living spaces or offer comfort outside the bedroom. There are nap recliners designed from elegant, rich leather with matching footrests. Touch up the surroundings with a sophisticated nightstand or expand your storage space with an upholstered bench. Sleepy's has shoe benches, floor mirrors, ottomans, computer desks, drawers and coat racks. Sleepy's is prepared to help you accent every room of the home with classic, durable and affordable furniture.

Your Mattress Professional

From its humble beginnings in Flatbush through Harry Ackers's determined quest to be the best right up to its current state a leader in its industry, Sleepy's continues to work hard. That's why they're the Mattress Professionals. Coupon [1]: Free Shipping on Orders $299+! Use code: CRZSLPYSHIP Coupon [2]: No Minimum Purchase Required! Save 10% Off Sitewide with code: SALE10