The EX Factor Guide Review

The EX Factor Guide reviews

Does The EX Factor Guide Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of's Program:

The Ex Factor Guide may sound like just another “get your ex back” guide to add to the pile, but the author, Brad Browning, is a certified counselor with over a decade of experience, and has helped hundreds of couples patch up their broken relationships. In this book you not find the same old pieces of dime store advice that have been recycled and reused umpteen times. Browning gives you a fresh new perspective on relationships, and reveals what is really going on behind the scenes when a relationship starts to fall apart.

Don’t expect a simple list of five things to do to get your ex back here. The steps you will take will depend on what caused your breakup, as well as other pertinent details about your relationship. Brad makes it very clear from the beginning; there is no one size fits all approach to reconciling with your ex. The answer to most of the questions you would ask will be “it depends”.

However, don’t get the idea that the guide is vague. Brad goes through all of the potential contingencies, and gives specific advice for each case. By drilling down farther into the specifics, the book goes beyond providing generalized answers that really wouldn’t apply, and instead offers up advice that directly applies to your situation.

Easy and Affordable

The Ex Factor Guide is sold as a digital product, which means you can download it and start using it within minutes of completing your purchase. Shipping delays and costs do not apply. The program sells for $47, and includes two helpful bonus guides.

The guide is a breath of fresh air in the tired old niche of guides for getting back with your ex. You won’t be asked to follow the same type of formulated approach that you’ve read about online or in other guides. Brad really proves his expertise on this subject with the way he helps you navigate the particulars of your situation, and offers advice only after they have been established.

All of the “what ifs” are addressed, and no stone is left unturned. The author understands that no two breakups are exactly alike, and hence no prescriptions for reconciliation will be either. After reading through this guide you will feel like you sat down and had a one on one conversation with Brad in which he offered you his expert advice. You certainly don’t get that from other guides.

Reconciliation Is Always Possible

If it has been a few months since your breakup don’t fret, the guide will still give you the information you need to reconcile. The book covers all different types of scenarios. Even if you think you have really blown it, and there is no way she’ll take you back, success is still possible. It all boils down to the approach you take, and Brad will walk you through every step of it to give you the best possible odds of getting her back. If you’ve been dumped, or want to get back into a relationship that you ended yourself, you will find no better guide to help you get it done than The Ex Factor.