Text The Romance Back Reviews

Text The Romance Back reviews

Does Text The Romance Back Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Michael Fiore's Program:

If you’ve been in a relationship before you know that the romance comes easily during those first few months, but once the initial “honeymoon period” is over things can get kind of stale. This is not anyone’s fault; it’s just a side effect of the waning novelty of the relationship. Your once new and exciting lover becomes more like your favorite t-shirt. You still love her, but you take her for granted a bit.

At this point in the relationship it takes some extra effort to keep things romantic. This is where Text the Romance Back can help you. It may seem rather odd to use something as banal as the text message to bring the romance back into your life, but Michael Fiore has figured out how a well crafted text message here and there can fan the flames of desire. Fiore is a well known relationship coach and author who has achieved internet fame for his unconventional use of text messages. His best-selling book “Text Your Ex Back” has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. In his latest book he helps couples bring their relationships from mundane to insane using only some expertly crafted text messages.

What It’s All About

In the early chapters of the book Fiore talks a lot about romance, and dispels some persistent myths about what it is and how it is created in a relationship. He reminds us that romance isn’t about flowers, poems, or even sex—it’s about intimacy. It’s also about being playful, which is where the text messages come in. You won’t be expressing your undying love or making grand gestures via text—you’ll be adding a new sense of playfulness and intimacy to the relationship.

This isn’t about “sexting” either, though he does suggest sending some flirtatious texts at certain times. Intimacy is all about letting a person know that you really see them—that you are paying attention. It is about letting her know that you appreciate all of the little things that make her who she is.

Your Little Secret

The intimate text messages you and your significant other share are meant to be something special for just the two of you. It’s your own private dialogue where you can be yourselves and share your feelings. Fiore recommends keeping the texts lighthearted and fun, rather than letting them get overly serious. The idea is to make your text communications a place where you can escape from the pressures of ordinary life and enjoy an intimate dialogue with your lover.

The Plan of Attack

Fiore has this whole texting thing down to a science, and there is a surprising amount of structure to the texts you will send and when you will send them. The amount of thought he has put into his system is quite impressive, and as you send more and more texts you can really start to see the “method behind his madness”. He tells you how many texts to send, how often to send them, and what type of texts work in different situations.

Sample Texts

You may feel like you have no idea how to send a romantic text, and that is okay. Fiore goes into great detail talking about the various types of texts that are used in his system, and there is a bonus guide that contains hundreds of sample texts. With this information you will be able to personalize the texts and get the desired effect every time.

Does it Really Work

The feedback users have left for Text the Romance Back is overwhelmingly positive, and thousands of couples have used this guide to put the spark back in their relationships. Fiore has really done his homework in figuring out how to craft the perfect texts for any situation. You may question the efficacy of his approach at first, but when you see the responses your texts get you will see the light.

If your relationship has drifted into the romantic doldrums, and you need a little help spicing things back up, you will love this book. Even if you are not the romantic type, with Fiore’s expert guidance you will learn how to channel your inner Don Juan.