Save My Marriage Today Book Review

Save My Marriage Today reviews

Does Save My Marriage Today Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Amy Waterman's Program:

When you have a good marriage it’s easy to wake up every day with a smile on your face. However, when things go south and you’re fighting constantly, it’s hard to smile about anything. Save My Marriage Today is a great new eBook that helps couples who have hit a rough spot heal their relationships and regain the intimacy they may have lost. The author, Amy Waterman, is a relationships expert who has written a half a dozen books on the subject, and who has directly helped hundreds of couples fix their broken marriages. Some of Waterman’s previous guides include:  Make Every Man Want You More,  Seduction Genie,  Supreme Self Confidence.

Waterman’s compassionate and caring style coupled with her years of experience make her an ideal marriage counselor, and in her comprehensive guide she gives couples the tools they need to work through their problems without letting them tear the relationship apart. Even if things have gotten desperate and you feel that divorce is the only option, give Waterman’s methods a chance before you throw in the towel. She is a true master at helping couples remember what brought them together, and how strong their bond really is.

Who is This Guide For?

Whatever type of problems you are having in your relationship, Amy can help you get through them. Whether you are on the brink of divorce or are just having minor struggles, the exercises and techniques she teaches will help you get to the bottom of your problems and solve them in a productive way. She emphasizes the teamwork necessary to make a good relationship work, and how problems can pull the team apart. She will teach you how much you can accomplish when you work with instead of against each other, and how this is the key to almost all relationship problems.

Waterman is a professional problem solver. She will help you discover what lies at the root of your struggles, and how you can work together to remedy any problem you may be facing. With Amy on your side you will find it easier to tap into your own inner wisdom and solve your problems in an efficient and effective manner.

A Guide to Better Communication

As you will learn in the book, communication problems are to blame for many of the troubles people have in their marriages. When we get angry or upset we fall into specific old communication patterns that usually do more harm than good. With Amy’s guidance you will learn techniques to break out of these patterns and have more productive interactions with your spouse. This will allow you to avoid the constant fighting and bickering and truly address the problems that are causing them.

The problem is almost always with how things are being communicated, and how improper methods of interacting can lead to a vicious cycle of misunderstandings and an unhappy relationship. With the new communication skills you learn in the book you will be able to address any issue like a mature adult and solve problems much more quickly and painlessly.

Contents of the Book

Save My Marriage Today is 150 pages long and covers 20 different chapters. Some of the chapter titles include:

  • Five Common Mistakes that Ruin Marriages
  • The Secrets of Conflict Resolution
  • How to Deal with Financial Problems
  • Balancing Life and Work
  • Dealing with Infidelity in Your Marriage
  • Addressing Issues with Your Children
  • The Role of Sex and Intimacy
  • Knowing When to Get Into Counseling

There are also nearly 40 communication and conflict resolution exercises you and your spouse can do together to strengthen your relationship.

A Top Notch Marriage and Relationship Guide

Amy Waterman covers all of the bases in her book, and will help you and your partner get through any issue you may be dealing with. When you read her guide you will feel as if you’re getting expert advice from a wise old friend. She is caring and compassionate as well as practical in her recommendations, and it is clear that she genuinely enjoys helping others gain more intimacy and enjoyment in their relationships. If you have run into trouble in your marriage or relationship and need the guidance of a true expert on the subject, get yourself a copy of this book today and start putting your partnership back together.