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Does Memory In A Month Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Ron White's Program:

Regardless of what you do for a living or how you spend your free time, having a better memory would probably be of benefit. We have all been in situations where we were frustrated over forgetting a phone number, someone’s name, or some other piece of relevant information. While we all wish we had a photographic memory, most of us fall well short of that ideal.

Memory in a Month is a spectacular memory improvement course created by Ron White. In it he shares simple techniques he has developed for easily remembering all sorts of lists, numbers and details.

The course includes 30 audio tutorials, several different memory training games, and an activity workbook. There are also a number of video demonstrations that show you exactly how to use the techniques you’ve learned in the previous tutorials. As a bonus you will also receive a free speed reading course with your purchase.

How Does the Course Work?

The premise behind Ron’s course is the fact that our brains find it easier to remember things when we can associate them with pictures, and whenever possible, words and numbers should be translated into images to improve the accuracy of recall. Once you have the pictures you simply string them together in a way that makes it easier for you to pull up the conglomerated image, usually by making them into a story. When you need to recall your list of words or numbers, you simply start telling the story in your mind, and the memorized list comes back to you through the assigned images in your story.

Using images to improve recall is nothing new, and Ron admits this. The real value of his methods come from the way he simplified the process, making it possible to use images and stories to remember very long lists of 50 or more words or numbers. With such long lists it’s easy to get your story confused and the images muddled, but by creating a systematic image association schema Ron has made it possible for much longer to lists to be memorized without confusion. His special technique allows your brain to learn how to process sensory data in images.

To make this happen Ron set out to create a system that was:

  • Extendible
  • Flexible
  • Intuitive

The framework he created for his system meets all these criteria, which is why it is so effective—even for very long lists. Ron claims that his system can be mastered in 30 days by completing just one lesson per day. However, it is important that you fully grasp each lesson before moving on to the next, as all new lessons build upon the information in its predecessors.

An Invaluable Memory Tool

Once you have completed the course and committed the framework to memory you can use it anytime you encounter a situation in which you need to memorize a long or difficult list of names, words or numbers. With a tool like this in your arsenal, you will never be stuck wracking your mind for forgotten information again.

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