EX Recovery System Review

EX Recovery System reviews

Does EX Recovery System Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Ashley Kay's Program:

Most of us have found ourselves on the wrong end of a breakup at some point in our lives. There are a million different reasons a relationship could end, but when your lover tell you it’s game over—it always hurts. It is especially hard to take if you are still 100% committed to the relationship, and feel the two of you have a real future together. In cases like this it may be time to develop a reconciliation strategy.

All you have to do is perform a quick Google search to see how many guides there are for getting your ex back out there—but most of these are rehashes filled with the same tired old advice. The truth is that every breakup is a bit different, and the thinks a girl should do to get her guy back will almost always differ from the things a guy has to do to win back his woman.

With this in mind, Ashley Kay has created a The Ex Recovery System, which includes different approached bases on the circumstances of the breakup, and tailors her advice specifically for men and women. The guide is basically two books in one—one for women and one for men. As the dynamics between men and women can be quite complex, Ashley uses a variety of approaches, and gives readers the strategy that will work best in their unique situation.

Men are from Mars…

We all have feelings, but there are some profound differences between the way men and women deal with theirs. When a woman leaves a man, it is usually because he dropped the ball on something major. In this instance, what the guy is looking for is forgiveness, so he must approach his ex accordingly to get it. When a guy leaves he girlfriend it often has something to do with boredom. His ex girlfriend, in this case, will have to show him that things can be exciting again.

The list goes on and on, which makes the specific reason for the breakup an important piece of information to evaluate when formulating a plan to get your ex back. In the book Ashley goes over a number of typical scenarios, and offers some great tips for how to do and say the right things when you try to reconcile.

Based on Psychology

This guide is the result of extensive research on psychology, the dynamics in relationships, and the science of attraction. When a relationship ends it is because a piece of the puzzle was missing. In this course Kay helps you identify that missing piece and put it back into your relationship. This may sound like an oversimplification, but in most cases it is that simple. Whatever caused the disconnect in your relationship, Ashley will help you fix the problem and reconcile with your ex.

The thing that makes this program different is that it really is a system; not just a bunch of tips. All the tips and advice in the world won’t help you when you are feeling devastated and trying desperately to get your ex back. You need a step by step system that instructs you what to do based on a number of contingencies. The Ex Recovery System is your roadmap to reconciliation, and guides you through what can be a complicated maze of steps.

How it Works

The first step you will take involves identifying the cause of the breakup. Ashley emphasizes the importance of being honest with yourself here and not sugarcoating things for the benefit of your ego. The following steps will only be effective if you are completely truthful with yourself regarding the reasons for the split.

The next step deals with the resistance your ex has to reconciling. Here you will work through the issues that caused the separation and address the reasons your ex has for keeping you at an arm’s distance. This can be a lengthy process, but Ashley will be with you every step of the way.

Once you have disarmed your ex’s defenses you must work to tap back into the attraction that got the two of you together in the first place. This must be done with care, as trying to rush things could easily backfire on you. Little by little you will be reminding your ex of what you once had, and trying to recapture that love.

Alternative Strategies

Ashley Kay knows that the circumstances after a breakup can be tenuous, so there are alternate strategies for different situations. You and your ex may be living in different cities, so there is a system for long distance reconciliations. There is also a strategy to use if your ex met someone else, and you find yourself in competition. As stated previously, every breakup is a little different, and the system is quite flexible for this very reason.

Video and Online Modules

The latest update to the system includes an accompanying video course and an interactive online module. The videos are great, and it really makes a difference to have Ashley there talking you through each step of the process and encouraging you to stick with the plan and stay positive. It is as if you have a great friend on your side giving you the advice and moral support you need during this tough time.

The simple and flexible three step system has proven to be very effective, as hundreds of people have already used Kay’s guide to win back their exes. The key is to stick with the system and roll with whatever punches come your way. Your ex will not coming running back into your arms overnight—you will have to work for it.

Money Back Guarantee

By following the proven steps in the system, you will give yourself the best chance of getting back with your ex and improving your relationship. Ashley even offers a 60 day money back guarantee with your purchase, so there is no risk involved. Don’t wait until it’s too late—get the course today and start winning back your ex.