EasyCalm Anxiety Treatment

EasyCalm System reviews

Does EasyCalm System Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Jon Mercer's Program:

EasyCalm is an audio and video series designed to help sufferers of anxiety and panic disorders minimize symptoms and regain control of their lives. The lessons are very thorough, and the author offers myriad solutions for not only fighting the symptoms of these disorders, but the underlying causes, and the events and though patterns that trigger panic attacks and high anxiety events.

The author, Jon Mercer, dealt with his own anxiety issues for years before discovering how to properly manage his disorder and get complete relief from negative symptoms. He had his first panic attack at 13, and tried numerous different treatment approaches over a 15 year period, none of which gave him complete relief from his suffering. After experimenting with hundreds of lesser known and experimental techniques for beating anxiety, Jon finally discovered a formula that worked. He went on to further refine his methods and treatment system, and the result is the EasyCalm Anxiety Treatment System that has helped thousands of panic and anxiety sufferers finally get the relief they have been after.

A Scientifically Sound Treatment Approach

Jon’s methods take advantage of the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a powerful system of altering behavior using the unconscious mind to exert influence on your conscious states of awareness. If this sounds too “new-agey” for you, don’t worry, the techniques are firmly grounded in science, and most importantly, they really work.

In creating the EasyCalm system Jon set out to create a treatment system for all types of anxiety disorders that did not rely on drugs. In his view, popping antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills all day just masks the symptoms, and does not address the real problem. Mercer’s resistance to treating these conditions without pharmaceutical drugs may seem a bit extreme, but the methods he proposes to do so are so effective that it is justified. Why take pills every day when you can solve your issues with anxiety and panic without them?

A Thorough Primer on Anxiety Disorders

The course begins with Jon explaining the symptoms of different types of anxiety disorders, and giving listeners a thorough foundation for the methods he will reveal later in the program. He dispels a lot of pervasive myths about anxiety, and addresses the social stigma attached to these conditions, and why people who suffer with them are often misunderstood. He then addresses all of the potential causes, leaving no stone unturned, and offering some incredible insights for those who deal with these symptoms every day.

As the course progresses, each lesson builds on the information learned in the last, and slowly a thorough understanding of what is going on in the body to cause anxiety, and how his methods can disrupt these patterns is reached. He recommends reviewing the lessons as needed once you get into the meat of the treatment process.

A Proven Treatment System

Jon gives listeners homework assignments to complete, and day by day provides new coping mechanisms and techniques to combat anxiety in all its various forms. The course is well thought out and quite comprehensive; and hundreds of testimonials from happy customers speak to the effectiveness of his methods. If you are struggling with anxiety and want to put it behind you for good, I highly recommend the EasyCalm system. Jon really knows his stuff, and his methods work.