Driving Fear Program Review

Driving Fear Program reviews

Does Driving Fear Program Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Rich Presta's Program:

The Driving Fear Program was created by Rich Presta to help individuals who suffer from some form of driving phobia or experience extreme anxiety when they’re behind the wheel. Below I’ll talk about Rich’s program, what it contains, and whether or not it lives up to its promises.

The program will allow sufferers to discover the root cause of their condition, which in many cases is not known by individuals with this condition. Some people experience fear of driving due to an accident or other bad experience behind the wheel—and the program is designed to help the folks as well. Identifying the fear is only the first step, and the book goes on to explain how these fears continue to feed themselves, creating a vicious cycle. Presta says that as the condition progresses, it is actually the intense fear one becomes afraid of rather than the act of driving or the fear of what may happen. This often makes phobias get worse over time, rather than subsiding.

About the Author

Rich Presta suffered from driving phobia and anxiety for years before discovering the methods to overcome it that he teaches in his book. After beating his phobia with the help of a clinical psychologist, they teamed up to create the Driving Fear Program so others could easily benefit from the work they did together. The breakthrough methods that helped Rich get past his phobia of driving act to identify and disrupt the processes that trigger and feed these fears.

Getting to the Bottom of Your Fears

One of the first things you’ll learn from the book is that the fear you are feeling is a conditioned response. Your brain has been conditioned to associate driving with fear and anxiety, so every time you get in the car the response is triggered and the fear sets in. What happens with phobias like this is your brain fails to differentiate between an actual threat and a conditioned threat, and the behavior in question (driving in this case) triggers the same nervous system response that an actual life threatening situation would cause.

Phobias are among the more intriguing (and terrifying) psychological conditions, and the Driving Fear Program provides insight into the phenomenon and offers effective solutions for breaking the cycle of fear and taking your life back. However, it’s not merely an intellectual exercise—the author teaches simple step-by-step techniques that essentially reprogram your brain to behave differently when faced with the stressor (driving). The first step in this process is understanding that it is your fear that you’re afraid of—not driving. The problem is that the brain has associated the two things. To your brain, driving is the fear, and the techniques you’ll learn in the book effectively find and sever the link between them, breaking the vicious cycle of fear.

Say Goodbye to Panic Attacks

Individuals with driving phobias often suffer from panic attacks while driving, experiencing intense fear, dizziness, and heart palpitations. It goes without saying that having these symptoms while driving an automobile can be extremely dangerous. The main focus of thee Driving Fear Program is to prevent these attacks from happening.

One of the powerful methods you’ll learn from the program is called the ROAD technique. ROAD is an acronym for the four steps involved in the method

  • Release
  • Observe
  • Accept
  • Demand more

Following these steps as you’re instructed to in the guide will teach you how to avoid severe anxiety or panic attacks while you’re driving. You will learn how to consciously recognize the very first symptoms of fear or anxiety and use the ROAD technique to keep these initial emotional cues from causing a full blown panic attack.

Contents of the Program

Getting started with the Driving Fear Program is fast and easy, as the audio and video files that make up the program are available for immediate digital download. This means you won’t have to wait for the program to arrive in the mail to get started. However, hard copies of the CDs and DVDs are available as an option as well.

This program doesn’t promise to rid you of your phobia overnight—there is some work involved. You’ll have to commit to performing the exercises as they’re described in the program—and most of all—you’ll need to have a strong desire to face your fears head on and get past them once and for all. This will take some courage, but the end result will be that you can get behind the wheel and drive without experiencing fear or panic symptoms.