Daygame Blueprint

Daygame Blueprint reviews

Does Daygame Blueprint Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Andy Yosha's Program:

When most of think of going out trying to pick up women, it is usually at night at a bar or club. Rarely does anyone think of going out trying to get numbers in broad daylight—but this is a mistake. You see, there are plenty of beautiful, interesting women who don’t enjoy going out at night and getting hit on by every loser at the bar. These women still want to date, of course, but you won’t get them at 2:05 in the morning when the bar is closing.

Daygame Blueprint is a dating guide that supports this premise, and teaches guys how to take their game out into the light of day to get the kind of girls that aren’t hanging out drunk at the clubs waiting for Mr. Right Now to sweep them off to his apartment. The creator of the course, Andy Yosha makes it clear from the get go that there are some challenges to approaching women during the day. They are sober, busy, and used to ignoring strangers who approach them. It will take more than a smile and an introduction to get your foot in the door—you have to up your game.

Luckily, Andy has tons of experience with “daytime hunting”, and has figured out precisely what works—as well as what doesn’t. In the guide he goes into great detail explaining the different approach required to be successful in this very different environment. From how you approach a woman, to what you say, and how you respond to her—the course covers it all. Andy walks you through all of the possible contingencies, and gives you the expert information you need to come across smooth, calm and collected, and easily get phone numbers or even dates from each encounter.

What’s Different About Daygame Blueprint?

This program is like no other dating guide you’ve seen. Some of the tips and advice you are given seem to run counter to everything you’ve learned about picking up women, but Yosha claims that that is why they actually work. You will learn how to come off as a genuine, honest person rather than some guy who is just out trying to get laid. This is the key. When women feel someone is trying to “pick them up”, their natural response is to resist. By taking a totally different approach your encounter will not seem like a pick-up at all; and her defenses will be down.

How Does it Work

The methods in the guide include using body language, eye contact, and saying very specific but unscripted things to instantly build rapport with a woman. Once this rapport is built you’re halfway home, as you’ve gotten by her first line of defense, and she will no longer regard you as some strange guy on the street.

Does it Really Work

Andy Yosha has been selling out dating seminars in England for years, and thousands of guys have learned to take their “game” to the next level using his techniques. He is a natural, and his course will make you one as well.