Covert Hypnosis Review

Covert Hypnosis reviews

Does Covert Hypnosis Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Kevin Hogan's Program:

If you’re interested in covert hypnosis you’ve probably noticed that there have been a lot of courses on the subject being released. In short, it is a very popular subject right now. Unfortunately, most of these courses are rehashes that use some tired old NLP techniques, the results of which fall well short of the promises made on the sales page. If you want to truly learn how to master this extremely practical art from an experienced professional, you will want to check out Covert Hypnosis, a book by acclaimed author and hypnotist Kevin Hogan.

Many folks interested in this art pass on the course due to the rather hefty price tag, but I have learned the hard way that lesser courses just don’t come close to teaching these techniques the way this course does. Kevin gave his course the subtitle An Advanced Course In Subtle Unconscious Communication, and this describes it perfectly, especially the word “advanced”. Unlike other courses that just provide some basic information and pop psychology techniques, Kevin’s course is the real deal.

A True Mater of His Craft

What makes the methods Hogan uses so powerful is that they don’t seem like methods at all. I was lucky enough to attend a seminar he gave a couple years ago, and he started out by telling a simple story. Little did I or anyone else in the audience know we were all being hypnotized. When he revealed to us what he had actually been doing for the last 10 minutes, we were all shocked—and eager to learn more.

In his guide he reveals the methods behind this exact technique, as well as many others. He explains how to craft the stories, when to tell them, and how to use various elements to achieve different results. Within minutes you will understand that this is nothing like those $47 hypnosis courses you see on the internet. Kevin routinely gets paid $5,000 per hour to give seminars and talks—and he is worth every penny.

Easy to Assimilate

The manner in which he is able to communicate so clearly and describe complex techniques in a way that anyone can grasp is nothing short of amazing. When I was listening to the course I felt more like I was uploading information. It all made complete sense and was so easy to assimilate and retain. You will be inspired the minute you hear his voice on the first tape, and just the way he teaches will make you want to learn everything he has to offer.

In the lessons Kevin will explain how he uses language to tap into the human psyche, and use triggers that have been hardwired into us by the evolutionary process. He uses the primal desires we all hold at the unconscious level in his techniques—and the results are astounding. He teaches students how to connect the behaviors you want to elicit from other with needs so basic and primal they cannot resist the urge to fill them. It is pure genius, and worth every penny of the asking price.

The Only Covert Hypnosis System to Consider

If truly mastering the complex art of covert hypnosis is what you want to do, forget the cheap rehashed courses—they won’t teach you anything. Invest in this breakthrough program by Kevin Hogan and you will develop the most amazing skill set you could imagine.

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