Alpha Male System Review

Alpha Male System reviews

Does Alpha Male System Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of John Alexander's Program:

Some guys may think that when it comes to being an alpha male, you either are or you aren’t—but according to John Alexander it’s all about assuming the right frame of mind. In his book “How to Become an Alpha Male” John equated being an alpha male with a set of attitudes and behaviors that can be taught and learned, and goes on to provide readers with a step-by-step guide for getting in touch with their “inner alpha” and taking control of their lives.

Not What You Might Expect

This may sound cheesy, but the book is not just full of tips for acting macho and pretending to be confident—that stuff doesn’t work—and John is quick to point that out. His methods rely on psychological techniques that are backed by years of research, and his ideas about the male psyche and how it works are on the bleeding edge, and extremely effective. The book makes an important distinction between just acting like an alpha male and becoming an alpha male. Anybody can do the former, but the latter requires a true inner transformation—one John will guide you through in simple step-by-step fashion.

What separates this program from others is that it doesn’t teach tricks or behaviors. The premise the program works on is that if you have the alpha male mindset, your actions will take care of themselves. “How to Become an Alpha Male” is all about acquiring the proper attitude and mindset.

Use Basic Psychology to Your Advantage

The information in the book breaks down human interactions into their basic components, and explains what determines who is in control of a conversation and why. The methods are almost entirely internal, so you won’t be taught any silly one-liners. What you will be taught is how the principles of human psychology play out in any interaction, and how to use them to your benefit in subtle but profound ways. It all starts by altering your own perception of yourself. When you see yourself in a different light, so will others. There’s no pretending here!

Hone Your Skills with the Ladies

One of the key areas the book explores is relationships with women, as this may be the most important aspect of becoming an alpha male for guys reading the course. After completing the short 5 question exercise on developing the right mindset for interactions with women I felt like I had powerful new tools at my fingertips that would completely alter how I approached and talked to women—very exciting stuff! Once I was able to define the reasons I might approach a woman and talk to her, I could easily alter my mindset about the whole thing, and I immediately felt a new sense of confidence. This was not just a parlor trick—these techniques actually change who you are on the inside, which naturally leads to changes on the outside.

In addition to all of the psychology, John also offers some practical tips about getting into better shape, dressing better, and grooming yourself (literally) for success. He explains that these are all pieces of the puzzle, and although minor in comparison to the psychological techniques, are still important in creating the whole alpha male package.

Forget What You Think You Know

The elements of the course I was most impressed by involved hooking up with women. Some of the information initially seemed counterintuitive, but when John explained the psychology behind the methods, I could only describe them in one word—brilliant! He tells guys to forget about the “three day rule” and all of the other silly things you read in men’s magazines. This guide is about changing who you are from the inside out, and once you develop your alpha male mindset, you won’t have to rely on a bunch of shortsighted rules about picking up women. You’ll naturally project confidence and feel comfortable being yourself.

My Favorite Technique

I found the “boyfriending” technique to be incredibly effective—so much so that I use it in many of my interactions, even when I’m not trying to hook up with a woman. The technique involves acting as if you’ve been invited in, essentially acting like you’re familiar with a woman the way her boyfriend would be. You’ll look her directly in the eye and smile, rest your hand on her shoulder in a familiar way when you talk to her, and act as if she’s already sent you clear signals that she’s into you. I know this sounds risky, but if you do it in the way that John suggests in the course it is pure gold. I’d have happily paid the price of the course for this tip alone.

The short story on this course is that it is well worth the price, and if you use it the way I did, it could literally change your life!