20 Day Persuasion Review

20 Day Persuasion reviews

Does 20 Day Persuasion Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Michael Lee's Program:

There is no one on Earth who wouldn’t benefit from being more persuasive, and in his new book "How to Become an Expert Persuader in 20 Days", Michael Lee teaches powerful techniques that show readers how to use verbal skills, body language, and other effective strategies to become masters of the art of persuasion. When I first stumbled upon this book I was skeptical about the claims the author was making about his course. I thought it was just another program that teaches pop psychology methods that might work on an 8-year-old, but are useless in the real world.

He Might be on to Something Here

Once I read through the entire sales page and checked out some of the reviews customers had left my interest was piqued. The program was inexpensive, and came with a money back guarantee, so having nothing to lose I went ahead and purchased it.

I’ve always been kind of shy, and I’ve never thought of myself as being a persuasive person. I knew I could use some help in this area, as I didn’t have the type of naturally persuasive personality that other people I knew had. When I was younger I had no interest in this kind of thing, and thought that only used car salesmen would need a course on persuasion. As I got older I learned that regardless of what you do for a living being able to influence and persuade others is an invaluable skill.

I Could Use the Help

My hope was that this course would teach me how to break out of my introverted personality and develop some new skills that would help me succeed in business and in life. When I downloaded the course and began reading through it I was instantly impressed, and knew within 15 minutes that this was a keeper, and a wise purchase.

Contents of the Course

The book is full of powerful methods and case studies that show them in action. All of the interactions are broken down into their most basic components, and the author clearly explains how artfully using verbal and non-verbal communication can completely change the outcome of a conversation, negotiation or interview.

Some of the “laws of persuasion” that are discussed in detail in the course include:

  • The power of commitment and how it can be applied to personal as well as professional relationships. Real life case studies are examined and dissected to teach you exactly how to use this powerful technique to your advantage.
  • Reciprocation—what it really is and how you can use it to exert your influence in any situation.
  • How to recognize and capitalize on her mentality to get what you want and help others in the process.
  • The art of persuasive communication and how you can use precise verbal skills and body language to turn even the most tentative situations in your favor.
  • How these laws apply to romantic relationships and how to get everything you want from your lover while making her the happiest woman on Earth.
  • How to apply these skills to get a raise or promotion at work and command the respect of your colleagues and superiors.

The book contains more than 20 chapters and is jam packed with lessons to help you hone your persuasive abilities in a variety of different situations. You’ll even learn how to out-persuade other persuasive people when you come up against them.

My Personal Experience with this Course

Reading this guide and using the techniques describe therein has given me skills I would have never developed on my own. I assumed that I just didn’t have a persuasive personality—but I was looking at it all wrong. Persuasion is a skill, and as such can be learned and mastered like any other. My personality wasn’t the problem; I was just unaware of the techniques involved in being persuasive and how to use them to my advantage.

Since I started using the methods Michael Lee outlines in the book, I’ve done better in business as well as in my personal relationships. The best part is—this isn’t a guide that teaches you how to manipulate others against their will. The techniques used in the book are all about creating a win-win situation and leveraging your newly found skills to get what you want by making others offers they can’t refuse. These are methods are 100% ethical, so don’t worry about that.

Instant Download

“How to be an Expert Persuader in 20 Days” is sold as a digital download consisting of a PDF and accompanying audio files, so you can start using the program as soon as you make your payment. I’ve purchased a handful of courses in my day, but I have to say that none of them were half as impressive as this guide. I printed out the PDF and keep it at my desk for reference. I highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

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