Survive In Place Course

Survive In Place reviews

Does Survive In Place Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of David Morris's Program:

You don’t have to be paranoid in order to appreciate the value of having a good survival plan in the event of a disaster. These kinds of things do happen, and most of us are dreadfully unprepared for them. David Morris knows that it is unrealistic to think that you will be able to flee to the mountains in the event of such an occurrence, so he has created a survival guide called Survive In Place. In it he teaches regular folks like you and me how to deal with a disaster right in our own homes or offices. This invaluable information can be the difference between surviving and perishing should the “worst case scenario” occur.

About Survive In Place Course

In David's course you will learn how to prepare for this type of event, and all the various contingencies that might occur. You could, for example, be at work during a disaster while your kids are at school. This and other contingencies are covered in detail, so you will have a workable plan ready for any set of circumstances.

Survive in Place will teach you what you really need to have to face these emergencies, and you may be surprised to learn that the usual survival gear that “doomsday preppers” collect may be of little actual value. David will help you prepare a list of the things that will actually save your life and help you get through any kind of catastrophe. The guide also contains tips for surviving the aftermath of events—something many survivalists overlook.

Included in the guide are 30+ interviews with various experts including pandemic specialists, military personnel, and many others. It also contains real life accounts of what occurred during real disasters like the ones in Rwanda and Zimbabwe, and you can be prepared for the fallout that occurs during such tragedies.

The guide includes lessons in eBook and audio format, so you can print the book out, read it online, or listen to it at home or in the car.

Practical Lessons

This course was designed for regular folks living in urban or suburban areas who may find themselves facing a natural disaster, food shortages, or civil unrest. It’s not a guide for extreme survivalists. It will not teach you how to become a modern day Rambo in the wake of a tragedy, but how you and your family can survive a disaster with smart preparation.

3 Important Lessons You Will Learn From David Morris’s Course

  • How to reliably be forewarned of any disaster that has or is about to break out.
  • How to design a customized plan for dealing with a variety of disaster scenarios.
  • How to take action now to prepare yourself for possible threats to your survival.

David Morris and the Survive In Place support staff provide practical tactics for mitigating the damage and potential loss of life in a disaster scenario. In the 12-week course members will learn how to ensure that they have:

  • Clean air to breather
  • Food and water
  • A Secure home to live in
  • A long term plan for survival

You will be able to sleep easier at night knowing that you are truly prepared for the unexpected tragedies that can occur at any time without warning.