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Does My Out-of-Control Child Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Mark Hutten's Program:

Oppositional Defiant Disorder is something most parents have never even heard of—but it turns out that it is quite common—and can be very difficult to deal with. It is defined as a pattern of defiant, hostile and disobedient behavior toward authority figures.

Children with this disorder often:

  • Argue with adults
  • Lose their temper
  • Ignore rules and requests
  • Deliberately annoy others and are easily annoyed
  • Place blame for their misdeeds on others
  • Act spitefully and vindictively
  • Seem resentful and angry

If your child exhibits these behaviors on a regular basis and the usual disciplinary actions do little to correct the problem, there is a good chance ODD is to blame.

My Out Of Control Child is a new book that helps the parents of children with this disorder deal with them in productive ways that encourage more appropriate behavior. Mark Hutten, the author of the book, has extensive experience working with children who struggle with ODD, and has discovered a methodology that effectively improves their behavior.

The Course Includes

  • The main guide in eBook format, which can be read online or printed out.
  • Audio lessons that reinforce the information in the written portion of the guide.
  • Videos and Power Point presentations.
  • Exclusive access to the OPS website.
  • Access to an additional Bonus eBooks Site.
  • Access to the Member’s Forum.
  • Free OPS Newsletter Twice Per Month.
  • Personal coaching via OPS chat, email or phone.
  • No questions asked money-back guarantee.

The course is not a cure all for every behavior problem you may face with your children. It is written specifically for parents of children who struggle with ODD, and offers proven solutions for dealing with even the most disruptive children. Many parents of these children are not aware that their child has a real disorder, and just assume they are acting out and misbehaving. The normal punishments parents dole out for these infractions will often just make matters worse with children that have ODD. A completely different approach is necessary to correct these behaviors and help your child lead a more fulfilling, productive life.

A Real Solution

If you have read all the parenting books and watched all the videos on dealing with troubled kids but still find yourself in the same boat, this course was designed for you. What you have been doing to fix the problem is akin to trying to plug a round hole with a square peg—but it’s not your fault. Without the proper knowledge and techniques it is nearly impossible to improve the behavior of children with ODD. In the book you will get all of the tools you need to start making real progress with your child, and start down the path of a better life for your whole family. You will learn how to put an end to the problems at school, the mouthing off, the disrespect, and the lack of responsibility that are the telltale signs of this condition.

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