Children Learning Reading Program Review

Children Learning Reading reviews

Does Children Learning Reading Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Jim & Elena's Program:

Children Learning Reading is a fantastic program for helping parents teach their children to read well before they are in school. This may sound far-fetched, but by using this program, children as young as 9 months old have learned to read basic sentences. Your child doesn’t have to be a genius to accomplish similar goals. The course is easy to follow, and only takes a few minutes of your time each day.

The creators of this course have discovered that developing a child’s phonemic awareness is the best way to teach him or her to read at an early age. This means that the basic sounds, followed by the blending of these sounds, should be taught first. The child will start off learning what sounds certain letter combinations like “mal” or “pri” make, and will then learn how to combine these word fragments together to make words like “primal”.

A Superior Learning Method

Other methods like Whole Language Only Learning, which suggests that children memorize the shapes of words, have been shown to be much less effective. Phonemic recognition has proven to be the ideal foundation for learning to recognize sounds, and later, words and sentences. This seems to be the most logical way to design the building blocks of reading comprehension.

Even the alphabet is learned phonemically in the course, rather than in the traditional ABC order. The letters only have meaning when they are combined and pronounced as they sound as parts of words rather than individual letters. This sound based learning system allows your child to make sense of the alphabet in a more practical way than simply memorizing the letters in order would.

The Ideal Approach

This method has proven to be the missing piece researchers had been looking for, as it allows children previously thought to be far too young to comprehend written language the ability to do so in a few short months. It has been tested on thousands of children under the age of three, and the success rates are nothing short of phenomenal. The method has since been tweaked and tested, and the current version promises guaranteed success.

The earlier your child learns to read, the better he or she will do throughout the educational process. All future learning will build on the basic reading skills they have been taught, and faster and better comprehension will be a major advantage from day one. Imagine how good your child’s reading comprehension will be when she goes to kindergarten if she has already been reading for four years. Think of the advantages that will bring her as she progresses through grade school.

A Huge Advantage

With the Children Learning Reading program you can give your child a head start that could make a huge difference in how the rest of her academic and professional life goes. The course guides you through every step of the program, and you will only have to dedicate 15 minutes or so per day to the reading process. With all of the advantages that this can offer your child, is there really any good reason not to give it a try?