Norton Security Premium Review & Coupon Code

Norton Security Premium Overall Rating: 4.92 Stars

Our best protection, plus PC backup and family safety, for you and the people you care about.

Lately, “Norton” is a word that is associated with reliability and robust security coverage. Norton Security provides a complete PC protection rather than simple software (antivirus) providing partial protection. In the year 2014, Norton suspended the production of Norton Internet Security, Norton Antivirus and Norton 360.

Those products were replaced by “Norton Security” product which is superior to all the products previously in use. In this article, we cover all aspects we need to know about Norton Security. Many users believe that Norton Security is the only product that assures 100% virus free situations because of its unmatched services (

Software download

If you want to understand and have a feel of the product before purchasing it, download a free version (a trial) from their website for free and use it for thirty days. You should be able to do reviews about the product after the trial period expires. The trial product gives you experience instrumental in deciding whether to buy the full version of the product or not. Norton Security is compatible with many operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Android.

Installing Norton

After the download process is complete, you will install the product setup using a simple process requiring you to click when prompted. The installation process is quick and easy. Once the installation is complete, log in using your Norton account or install a license you have bought. When using mobile devices which include tablets and Smartphones, the Norton application could be accessed through respective device App stores.

If your system (computer or laptop) has other versions of antivirus, you will be required to uninstall the older versions of the antivirus already installed before new installations can be initiated. You should allow enough time for the software to uninstall completely. This is standard practice when installing antivirus so as to reduce chances of conflict among the various antivirus types or versions. However, this is not the case to anti-malware which can be installed together with an antivirus on the same machine. For those who have already purchased the Norton Security antivirus, log into your account and perform all the necessary processes.

Upgrading Norton security

If you are an active Norton user and need to upgrade your product version, you are at liberty to do so. Tools available which you can use to uninstall and reinstall Norton. Links are available for Norton to uninstall and reinstall tool download and subsequent installation. This tool will automatically uninstall the old version of the software and only install a newer version of the same. If currently, you are using the latest version, updates will be downloaded automatically.

Norton Security renewal

If you are currently using the most recent version of the product, you can renew the product online without much struggle (the process is straight forward). However, if you are using the old version of the product for example Norton 360, the only available option for you is to get the latest version of the product (Norton Security) and install it.

Product troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is necessary if you are facing problems installing or upgrading the product, or when product develops incompatibility issues. Typically, the recommended process is to use Norton Removal Tool to uninstall Norton completely from the PC and reinstalling it later. After re-installation, the problems will be eliminated, and the device performance improved. In case troubleshooting does not work efficiently, you can contact the Norton support department to speak to their customer care team. You should differentiate between certain client office and those purporting to provide the same service.

Norton Security 2017 features

With technological advancement, are both advantages and disadvantages can be associated with the same. Organization data and resources have become the greatest target by hackers. Hackers attempt to gain access to computer systems so as to steal data and other relevant information. Data loss would be possible if the system is vulnerable and open to manipulation from external entities. Nobody (organizations, individuals, governmental and none political institutions) is immune to these attacks which can occur at any time as the hackers may desire if the system is vulnerable.

It is the duty of antivirus manufacturers to ensure they are ahead of the hackers by producing products which detect and eliminate virus and malware before they can cause damage to the system. This is aimed at protecting the system from any forms of vulnerabilities. This is done by continuously providing updates to be applied on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In the following section, we look at outstanding features of Norton Security, 2017;

  •  Fully compatible with Windows ten operating system.
  •  Norton Security has a modern and user-friendly interface.
  •  It has an up to date malware engine.
  •  The product has an intelligent boot time protection capability.
  •  Browsing speed and protection are done without the use of a plug-in.
  •  The product offers a socially engineered attacks protection.
  •  Redesigned SONAR engine.
  •  Norton Power Eraser (NPE) is integrated into the security suite.
  •  Paid subscribers have assured 100% virus-free PCs.

Products comparison

The antivirus (Norton Security 2017) offers 100% protection against virus and malware. The product plans include; Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Premium, Norton Security Standard and a professional version for small businesses.

Coupon codes and pricing

Norton Security prices vary from one place to another depending on many variables. However, there are promotions and offers run from time to time. These promotions are aimed at informing potential clients about the products available. With updated coupons, you can buy the product at an affordable (lower) cost. Using coupons, you can enjoy up to about 50% discount and save up to $70 on products. These promotions are country specific depending on prevailing economic conditions.

Product variants

Norton Security Standard – the product is ideal for users with personal computers or those using Mac systems. It protects your PC from software vulnerabilities, viruses, phishing, spyware, malware and a host of other threats.

Norton Security Deluxe – this product contains all features of Norton Security Standard with a few more additional features. The product is ideal for those using five or more PCs. The product comes with a portal which offers the users a platform manage their devices.

Norton Security Premium – offers features in Norton Security Deluxe plus a few more features. It has features which protect children when online from any form of “corruption”. Equally important is the fact that parents can manage their children’s activities online.


Norton Security is outstanding for its ability to provide high-level security without compromising system performance. The software suit has performance improvement modules including faster browser experience, tuned up performance for users of Windows 8 and above, battery conservation capabilities, and many more desirable features.

Therefore, it can be said that the new version of Norton (Norton Security) effectively integrates all the desirable features into one excellent product. This is a vast improvement from the later text of the product we have been using. This sets the product ahead of the pack in comparison with competitors still struggling to offer multiple products for the same job. Norton Security provides a set superior quality products for users who know what they want to achieve with their computers. With an integrated Power Eraser, you can carry out all activities from one place.

Our best protection, plus PC backup and family safety, for you and the people you care about.

However, the only challenge for Norton Security is that people who have been using earlier versions of the product like Norton 360 cannot upgrade to Norton Security automatically, they have to make a whole new move to acquire new software and abandon the old version.