Motives Cosmetics Reviews

Motives Cosmetics Overall Rating: 4.52 Stars

Motives Cosmetics is a cosmetics company that is beloved by many women due to the sheer volume of products and customizations that they offer. They feature numerous product lines that include all types of nail, skin, face, eye, and lip cosmetics, so you will be sure to find what you will need to accommodate your skin type, coloring, and taste.

motives cosmetics reviews

Below I will review some of the Motives products that I have recently tried:

Glittery, Rich Eyeshadow

First, I sampled the ethereal-looking Creme Fresh. Creme Fresh looks very white in the container, but its milkiness is set off with a tiny bit of shimmer. It is more sheer than pigmented and applies easily due to its powdery texture. Its very smooth and kind of silky, and if you apply the product on the inner corners of your eyes, it will really perk them up. You can wear this alone or layer another, bolder color on top. Personally, it's a little light for me without pairing it with another shade.

Next, I tried one of the most popular Motives shadow colors, Bedroom Eyes, which is quite the opposite of Creme Fresh. It has a unique colorization that can be easily blended into other shades or it can simply be sheered out on your top lid. When I sheered it out, it appeared to be more of a rose color with hints of purple. When I built up the color to a more opaque hue, it appeared to be a taupe-like bronze, with a slight gold shimmer. I love bold colors like this, and it quickly became a favorite.

All-in-all, the shadows Motives produces are daring and sexy, with deep, rich pigments. This even applies to the shimmer eyeshadows which are surprising striking. They go on very smoothly with a soft texture and last all day without the dreaded creasing that cheaper shadows tend to do. And, though Motives sells one, no eyelid primer is necessary to acheive great results.

Lengthening, Strengthening Mascara

The Lustrafy High Definition Mascara in Onyx is a decent mascara, but unfortunately, I found some slight problems with the product after use.

First of all, I was surprised and thrilled that while the product is waterproof, it did not dry out my lashes in any way. With a short handle and tube, I felt that I could maintain a good grip on the applicator and coat the mascara close to my eyelids without flinching. The brush was flexible and much shorter than most rubber brushes. It also contained a ton of short bristles that separated my lashes in spectacular fashion without having to use a lash comb. With only one coat, I found that there were no flakes or clumping. I added a second coat, and while I still didn't find clumps, my lashes did become a tad tacky for my taste, though they did gain a bit of length.

However, the formula really didn't add any thickness or texture, and it didn't really hold in the curls that I tried to add to my overly-straight, downward-pointing lashes. This product is not bad, but it is probably better-suited to women with naturally thick lashes in search of definition only.

Bold, Defining Eyeliners

For a quick touch of color or just a little highlighting, I highly recommend the Khol eye liner. It has a great color pay-off when layered with the lower-lid shadow colors. You shouldn't try it alone because it does tend to smudge and the color runs. The "matte-ness" of the shadow anchors it to the lid.

It comes in pencil form, so it does require a sharpener, but unlike other pencil products, the expected tugging on my eye seemed minimal. The application was actually very soft.

If you prefer a liquid eyeliner, you should check out Motive's Luxe Precision Eye Line in Jet Black. It has a firm felt tip applicator which enables the liner to go on smoothly and dry instantaneously, reducing the probability of smearing. It's also long-lasting and will not wear off until you apply eye make-up remover. One coat is all you need for intense pigmentation, tightlining, and eyeliner “wings”.

Soft, Luscious Lipsticks

I have recently tried two shades of lip color that are pretty much exact opposites. To start, I sampled Ruby, which has a scarlet red hue that seems matte but finishes with somewhat of a glittery sheen. It has a soft texture and beautiful, bright pigment that compliments almost every skin tone.

Conversely, the Pink Sugar is very delicate. It's a light rose-pink color that borders on nude with just a dash of gold shimmer. It is easily applied since it has such a sheer, mild texture. The Pink Sugar shade is actually more of a lip stain, or a sparingly-subtle spot of lip pigment. It can work well for an office look, but I feel it's too faint for an evening on the town.

Highlighting and Brightening - Blushers and Bronzers

I tried a few different blusher and bronzer products to see which I liked best. The first one I tried was the Blush/Bronzer Duo. Neither the bronzer nor the blush contained any visible glitter, but they each have a luminous finish on the face that is reminiscent of a pearl. Unlike their deeply-pigmented look in the package, each are quite sheer when applied to the skin, so don't let their appearance deter you.

Because the bronzer is so light, it is not wise to use it for contouring, but applying the product all over your face and neck can certainly perk up your natural coloring. Honestly, the blush is my favorite part of this package. It is truly pigmented well and it gives a sparkly glow to my skin. It is definitely the best color pay-off out of the two.

Lush and Pretty in Pink are two beautiful stand-alone blushers that I tried. Pretty in Pink is a matte, cool-toned rose that reminds me of M.A.C.'s Pink Swoon, except it's a bit more reddish. Lush is a coral hue with a glittery sheen finish. They are soft and apply to the cheeks smoothly. The pigment stands out considerably, even when applied with a brush, and color can be built up simply.

I also tried the semi-matte stand-alone bronzer, California Girl. It's a warm-brown shade with a slight sheen. It is smooth and easily applied, but the color is not for everybody. Because it's pigmented and the color build-up is notable, you should only try this product if you have a light and warm natural tone.

In conclusion, although I haven't heard of Motives until recently, I have to say that I was quite impressed with the quality of their cosmetics. After using these products for a few weeks, I can attest that they are every bit as wonderful as the pictures floating around Instagram tend to indicate. And, I really like that all Motives products are fragrance-free, talc- free, and paraben-free, as well as non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, so they will be tolerated by almost all skin types. For all these reasons, I highly recommend this product line!

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