Rocket German Premium Review

Rocket German reviews

Does Rocket German Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Rocket Languages's Program:

As far as languages go, German can be a pretty difficult one to learn. There are a lot of sounds made by using the throat in a way that the English language does not demand, making it a completely foreign concept. It will take lots of practice in addition to hearing the terms and phrases spoken repetitively. This is exactly what you will get with the Rocket Premium German Language Course. It is designed to give you all the repetition you need for the more difficult pronunciations and phrases while giving you a good foundation of conversational German.

Another Boring Course?

This is not another language course that focuses merely on memorizing hundreds of terms. The creators of the course wanted to make the lessons interesting as well as educational, and they succeeded at doing so. The lessons are set up in such a way that what you learn in one lesson will be repeated and built upon in the next, so you will always be making steady progress while committing terms and phrases to memory.

More Than a Language Course

In addition to the language, you will also learn some valuable information regarding the German culture, and how it is expressed in the language. This will ensure that you are not misunderstood when speaking to native Germans, and do not offend anyone with what you say. The comprehensive program uses a number of drills and games to make the learning process fun and interesting—even for kids. Creative methods are used to help with memorization and learning the more difficult aspects of the language like verb conjugation. Access to a members only forum is also included in the course, which will allow you to converse with other students and have any questions you have answered by staff members.

Some aspects of the course that really stand out include:

  • It contains more than 1,000 audio clips that help you master not only the language, but the culture it is spoken in.
  • The Mega Audio game makes learning German a blast, and will help you retain what you have learned. The game is so much fun you’ll forget you are even studying!
  • The course includes a number of quizzes so you can constantly monitor your progress and identify any areas that may need a little more work.
  • The 24/7 support you get from the member’s forum really makes this course shine. Not only can you ask instructors any questions you may have, but you can interact with other students who are learning right along with you. Even if it’s the middle of the night there will always be an instructor available to answer questions and offer guidance.
  • You can get an official certificate of completion from Rocket documenting your comprehension of the German language. This is great if you need to have a piece of paper that shows you have taken a German course and met the requirements of completion.

A Safe Bet

Rocket has done an exceptional job of creating the perfect German language course. There is no better tool out there for learning the language in as little as 8 weeks.