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Rocket French reviews

Does Rocket French Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of RocketLanguages's Program:

Learning to speak a new language can be a daunting task, especially if you have never learned a second language before. When most people think of taking on a new language they imagine spending countless hours spent trying to remember terms and their translated meanings. However, that is the old way of learning a language, and luckily the newer methods make it less tedious and boring.

When it comes to new languages, French is considered to be one of the more difficult to learn, but it also a very popular language; and many people decide to learn it for work, travel, or personal reasons. The Rocket French Language Course was designed to offer students a fast and effective way to learn French in about 8 weeks. It takes advantage of a number of new teaching methods to make the lessons both interesting and informative. Course creator Marie Claire Riviere has been teaching French for more than 15 years, and has developed some innovative methods to make the process easier and more enjoyable for students.

About the Course

The comprehensive course uses a variety of teaching mediums, and contains:

  • 6 main components
  • 31 interactive audio lessons (with written transcripts) to learn to speak French fluently
  • 45 illustrated grammar lessons
  • Mega Vocab; a word building game to help with memorization
  • Mega Audio software helps with language comprehension
  • Mega Verbs game to help you master verb conjugation
  • A Member Forum where you get support for the course

The forum is a major plus for the course, as it allowed me to ask questions and chat with others who were in the learning process like I was. It definitely made the course easier, and kept me motivated to keep going.

I had my doubts about learning French through an online course, but with all the tools included in the package it was a lot easier and more effective than I imagined it would be. It was still a lot of work, but it was work I didn’t mind doing, and I actually looked forward to my lessons.

Interactive Audio Course

The audio lessons were recorded by Claire and Paul, and were done is such a way as to keep the information interesting. They both have a lot of personality, so it felt more like chatting with friends about French than sitting through boring lessons. They start with very practical lessons that cover all the basics you’ll need to know if you travel to France. Once you master some of the basics the lessons get a bit more advanced, and you start learning interesting things (like how to flirt!).

I found it very easy to memorize what I learned in each lesson, and was able to apply it to future lessons, which made it feel like I was learning very quickly. I also liked that most of the lessons were focused on phrases you would use in a casual conversation. The information was all very practical, and not bogged down with tedious, repetitive drills and the like.

A Homerun

The course fulfilled its promises and then some, and made the process of learning French fun. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to (mostly) master conversational French in just 8 weeks.