Rocket Arabic

Rocket Arabic reviews

Does Rocket Arabic Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Rocket Languages's Program:

More and more people are learning to speak Arabic these days for both business and personal reasons. As the world becomes a smaller place and more people travel or engage in international business, learning new languages becomes more necessary than it was just a few short decades ago.

Arabic may seem like an incredibly difficult language to learn, but it is actually easier than you might thing—especially if you use the Rocket Arabic Language Course. Rocket has mastered the art of teaching students new languages in a way that is both fun and effective. The most common complaint people have about studying a new language is the boring, monotonous memorization drills. In this course those outdated modalities are replaced with engaging interactive tools and games that make learning a breeze.

Like Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur, the course teaches Egyptian Arabic, as its use is widespread and it is understood in most Arabic countries. That is where the similarities end though, as the Rocket course is not only much cheaper, but the innovative learning techniques employed make it a lot more fun as well. There are written lessons, audio lessons, audio games, special software and other great learning tools to help keep your studies engaging and fruitful.

Learning More About the Course

On the Rocket site you will be able to listen to audio samples taken directly from the course, which will give you a good idea of how they are set up. Samples from multiple sections are available. The course also includes Arabic transcripts along with the English translations, a huge perk in my book.

For students who are not quite ready to commit to purchasing the course there is a free 6-day mini-course you can sign up for. The six lessons are delivered one at a time to your email.

Learning Software Games

The software that comes with the program may be my favorite part of it. It turns studying vocabulary into a fun and challenging game. Say goodbye to boring memorization drills and vocabulary lists. The game flashes images which you must identify correctly via the multiple choice options. It is a powerful tool for creating strong visual memories that will speed up your progress considerably. Using visual cues to improve vocabulary is how we all learned our native languages, which makes it the ideal way to learn new ones.

The course goes beyond correlating English words with their Arabic counterparts, using visual and auditory cues to create layered memories. This is what makes the methods so powerful. The fact that Rocket has also figured out how to make these lessons fun and engaging is the real surprise of the course. I actually looked forward to getting home and studying for a while each night.

Digital Download or Hardcopy Available

If you choose the digital download instead of the set of CDs you can save quite a bit of money, so I highly recommend going that route. You get the same content—and you can start using it right away. Either way your purchase comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so it’s a risk free deal. With Rocket’s great reputation and high quality courses, I seriously doubt you will need to take advantage of that guarantee.