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Keetsa Mattress Overall Rating: 4.67 Stars

What do you picture when you think of a mattress store? You might see a large showroom with a few guys in a suit, wearing a smile that might be creepy in any other setting. Now you can check out some mattress stores in the comfort of your home. You can simply browse through their collection of matresses online. This is what Keetsa mattress store offers their customers who are looking for an eco-friendly option.

It's okay to admit that you feel a little scared about buying a mattress without personally feeling the texture of the mattress. Truth is you do not have to make this choice blindly as long as you do a little research and read a few reviews like this one.

Keetsa and Its Roots

Keetsa Mattress Coupon

The most important thing to do is to get to know who you are dealing with so that you know if a company can be trusted. Keetsa has been in business for over a decade and mostly works online. Yes, this does mean they have sold many mattresses online and have plenty of satisfied customers. The company started off in an area known to house a number of people who care about the environment and healthiness, which is California.

Keetsa actually has three physical locations in California, which are Berkeley, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The people of California are not the only lucky ones who get to visit an actual showroom because there is another location in New York City, but this does not matter since there is enough information about the mattresses online.

Confidence Looks Good on Keetsa

The first thing to think about is that Keetsa offers a 12-year warranty for any defects or if the mattress sags more than 1.5 inches within that time. Twelve years is more than what many other mattress manufacturers promise, which shows how confident these guys are in their products.

Keep in mind that most mattress experts would probably say that a mattress can only last up to 10 years. The mattress is not meant to look great for 10 years, but 10 years is the point in time when the mattress might get so bad that you simply cannot get a good night sleep on it any longer.

Keetsa is telling you that their superior materials can outlast normal mattresses and that by the end of the mattress' lifespan it probably will not sag any more than 1.5 inches. Do these guys have moxie or what?

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Eco-Friendliness is at the Core of Keetsa

Keetsa started because no mattress store was filling the need for an eco-friendly mattress. You can say that protecting the earth while providing comfort to people is the bread and butter of Keetsa. This makes it important to dig into what Keetsa is claiming and how they make sure their company remains as eco-friendly as it can be.

The first thing to look for is if any eco-friendly organizations back up their claims. Of course, there are a lot of them. One is the GOTS organization or the Global Organic Textile Standard organization that stamped Keetsa with their seal of approval some time ago. Another stamp of approval that should be noted is the Confidence in Textiles organization that is keen on testing textiles for the use of harmful products. Apparently, this means that Keetsa's line of production is not harming the earth. So far, Keetsa is looking pretty good, right?

Many green-friendly organizations checked out Keetsa's operation and found them to be green, too. The company did not stop with just a few awesome badges of approval because they also wanted to give back some goodness. When you purchase a bed from Keetsa, a small portion of what you pay will be donated. Keetsa seems to accumulate 30,000 dollars a year to give to the charity organization called Operation Smile. Keetsa is committed to this amount, though they consider it just a small step in their efforts to give a lot more.

It should be noted that Keetsa uses plant-based oils in their foaming beds and minimize the use of petroleum. Keetsa also uses natural latex and organic cotton for their mattress. The company has also made it possible through analysis and algorithms to minimize carbon emissions throughout their entire supply chain. Green looks good on Keetsa.

The 7 Faces of Keetsa

Keetsa mattresses come to you in 7 forms, which is pretty simple and straight to the point as it should be. Five of the mattresses are a hybrid between foam and a coil system. Keep in mind that the coil system in these mattresses is state-of-the art and meant to mimic foam beds in several ways.

Most coil systems are basic and do not transfer motion very well because the coils are connected. This is not the kind of system that you are getting with Keetsa because their coils are individually wrapped so that they function separate from the rest of the coils. This gives the coil system a fluid-like or foam-like performance, which you probably are going to fall in love with.

The other 2 forms are made of only foam without any coils. The mattresses are separated into two sections. The first section is called the Tea Leaf collection, which already sounds like a bourgeois collection, right? It is their more premium collection. The other is simply called the Keetsa collection, though this does not mean that the regular collection is cheap rather a little more affordable.

The Tea Leaf Collection

Those of you out there who are looking for a bed that is completely made of foam and like medium-firmness will probably fall in love with the Tea Leaf Supreme. The mattress uses 8 full inches of base support foam to ensure strength and durability. The firm yet soft texture can be attributed to the full 4 inches of memory foam. Keetsa did not want to simply slap some memory foam over the base and be done with the design. Nope, Keetsa decided to separate the 4 inches of memory foam into two different layers to add comfort to the mattress. There is a full inch of quilted memory foam, which is uber soft and sits atop three inches of memory foam. Of course, it comes in all the sizes that you would expect.

Another option that you have from the Tea Leaf Collection is the Tea Leaf Dream. This mattress is between firm and soft, though it is a little firmer due to the inner-coil system. Some people cannot live without that bounce that coil offers a bed, which is probably why this is one of their most popular mattresses. There are 3 full inches of strong latex between the coil system and the foam on top of the springs. This adds durability and that bounce you are looking for. There is also 3 inches of memory foam right over the latex.

Laying on a mattress like this one offers an addictive experience. The three-part layering offers different feelings as you lay. It starts off soft as can be but starts to get firmer as you sink slowly into the bed. The feeling is cozy yet very supportive. Some have described the feeling as laying on a cloud. The sizes are only full and king, which is a bit of a drag.

The Tea Leaf Classic is another mattress to consider. This bed is not exactly firm, but it definitely borderlines firm. It is perfect for those who love to sleep on their back or stomach, as it gives in just enough but not too much. This is another hybrid, as it has a coil system base with foam on top. The foam is a lot denser to ensure that you have a firmer bed, and you only get a small layer of memory foam. The smallest size is a twin, but they have all the other sizes you might want.

The Keetsa Collection

One of the popular options is the Keetsa Cloud, which is probably a sarcastic title since it is an extra-firm mattress. It is referred to as the firmest option available, which is all-foam. The mattress is delicately cocooned in an inch of organic cotton, which sits on an inch of quilted memory foam. Directly underneath that heavenly softness is about 1.5 inches of regular memory foam. The base is high density, which is what gives this mattress that extra-firm feeling that some love. The sizes range from twin and up.

The Keetsa Latex uses natural latex over a coil system. The mattress is stiff, which is great for people who sleep on their back or those who have back problems because it should relieve some of your pain. Some say that this is their most durable option, but it is also the kind of bed you really have to get used to or are accustomed to extra-firm mattresses. It comes in all the sizes that you might expect.

The Pillow Plus is a hybrid option, and it is what you might call medium-firm. It uses very soft foam between the coil system and the one inch of memory foam that sits right on top of the mattress. This is one of the most popular options for younger people who are moving into a dorm or even for kids. It is for those who want a little more softness and just a bit of firmness. It should be noted that this is one of Keetsa's most affordable mattresses, too. It only comes in twin and king sizes.

There really is only one option for those who want the least expensive option and that is the Keetsa Plus mattress. It is a semi-firm bed that resembles the Pillow Plus mattress, though this one comes in all sizes.

Keep in mind that all these mattress are still coming from a trusted source, so they are definitely worth a look and worth your consideration.

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