My Shed Plans Elite Review

My Shed Plans Elite reviews

Does My Shed Plans Elite Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Ryan Henderson's Program:

Have you got your heart set on building a new shed for your backyard? You can certainly save a bunch of money if you build it yourself—if you have a good set of plans to follow. My Shed Plans Elite is a comprehensive package of shed plans consisting of more than 12,000 different plans ranging from small and simple to large and complex. The product was created by master woodworker Ryan Henderson, who has over 20 years of experience building custom sheds and other woodworking projects.

A Huge Collection of Shed Plans

The great thing about My Shed Plans Elite is the wide range of sheds covered in the guide. You will never have to look for another shed plan in your life, and will be able to share the plans with friends and family as well. Since its release thousands of customers have used this guide to build the right shed for their needs, and users are singing the praises of Henderson’s plans.

You might think you will need a lot of woodworking experience to take on a project like building a shed, but with the detailed plans included in this package even beginners will be able to build a professional quality shed. Henderson claims that his plans work even for people who:

  • Have never built a shed.
  • Own only some basic tools (they can be rented).
  • Don’t consider themselves handy (the plans walk you through every step).

What is Included in the Package?

When you decide to purchase this best selling woodworking course you will receive the following:

  • Complete Woodworking Guide
  • Collection of over 12,000 shed plans and woodworking projects, a great collection for any woodworking enthusiast.
  • Complete schematics and blueprints included in all plans along with detailed illustrations.
  • Lists of required materials for each project so you know exactly what to get at the hardware store.
  • Advanced Woodworking Course: A how-to guide for all different types of advanced woodworking projects which includes many special techniques and finishes.
  • Bonus guides on do-it-yourself projects including building foundations, roofing, and more.

Benefits of the Course

You are probably starting to see the tremendous value of this course, but there is a lot more to talk about. Here are some of the major perks of Ryan Henderson’s course:

Will Save You Time and Money

The detailed plans take care of much of the hard work and difficult measurements for you. All of the guesswork is taken out of the woodworking process—you just have to follow the specs and construct the shed as per the instructions. This will allow you to get everything right the first time so you are not wasting your time and money.

Suitable For All Skill and Knowledge Levels

The included basic and advanced woodworking courses will teach you all the skills you will need to build beautiful, professional quality structures. You will feel confident throughout the building process even if you have never tackled this type of project before. The detailed illustrations give you a clear picture of what each step should look like so you will always know if you’re on the right track.

Great Customer Support

When you purchase My Shed Plans Elite you get full and unlimited customer service from their team of professionals. Support tickets are responded to promptly and politely, and the staff will answer any questions you have.

Detailed, Easy To Follow Plans

For someone new to woodworking building a shed can be an intimidating project. However, the plans in this course are designed not for professional builders, but for laymen as well, and describe every step in plain language without confusing you with a lot of jargon. The projects are broken down into small, simple steps, so you will not get overwhelmed or confused during the building process.

Full Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase Ryan Henderson does not want your money. Try his course out for 60 days and if it’s not the best woodworking course you have ever laid your eyes on you are entitled to a full refund—no questions asked.

Who is the Course for?

My Shed plans Elite is a great package for beginning and intermediate level woodworkers. While the instructions are simple enough for beginners to follow, there are some rather advanced plans included that will be a good challenge for intermediates. While advanced woodworkers may find a new trick or two in the course, they will probably only find real value in the plans themselves.

If you have no woodworking experience be sure to start with the primer courses that are included in the package. Here you will familiarize yourself with the tools, terminology and techniques you will be using when you get started on the real projects.

More Than Just Plans

As a novice woodworker, I was very impressed with the detailed tutorials and lessons in the included courses. I wanted to make sure I had all of the skills and knowledge I needed before getting started on my shed, so I played around with some smaller projects to practice some of the new techniques I would be using. The instructions in the course are so clear and easy to follow I found myself wishing the courses were more challenging. This is a good thing of course, because when it was time to build my actual shed I was easily able to complete it in a very short time.

My wife had a look of utter disbelief on her face when I came inside and told her the shed was already done. She was even more impressed when I showed here the final product. I never would have guessed that I could build such a perfect looking shed with my very little bit of experience, but Ryan’s course made the whole thing seem like child’s play.

If you’re ready to build yourself a new shed, get your hands on this course today. It has everything you could ever need for one low price.