My Boat Plans Review

My Boat Plans reviews

Does My Boat Plans Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Martin Reid's Program:

"My Boat Plans" is a collection of 518 boat plans that have been compiled by Martin Reid. Martin Reid is a master boat builder who has been a boat enthusiast from an early age. However, one of the challenges he identified while following his boat building passion was that most of the guides and plans available were too complicated yet the process of boat building was itself quite simple. This is what inspired him to begin work on the step by step boat plan collection which he hoped would make life a lot easier for boat enthusiasts around the world. With 31 years of boating experience and research going into this collection, it is one of the most comprehensive and highly informative pieces of boat building literature available today.

Comprehensive Boat Building Guide

For aspiring master boat builders, this is the single resource that will guide you from elementary to advanced competence in a simple and effective manner that allows you to progress at your own pace while gradually developing your skills. My Boat Plans has detailed schematics and material listings for any kind of boat that you may be looking to build. The 3D color photos and diagrams make it very easy to follow the guides provided. You also get more than 40 video tutorials that make life a lot easier when using the guide.

Those using My Boat Plans continue to report excellent progress in their boat building skills, which in turn allows them to enjoy their hobby even more. The frustration and waste resulting from mistakes made by inexperienced boat builders are avoided, and you get to produce high quality boats each time.

Building novelty boats, canoes, sail boats, kayaks and other types of boats is a lot easier when using My Boat Plans. You can now download the 518 plans, more than 40 videos and 4 bonuses all valued at over $1000, for a single affordable payment.

Bonus Products

The bonuses on offer here include a commercial boat builder handbook on safety, as well as fact sheets on consumers, rare boat building books that were previously only available to professional boat builders, in depth reviews of the designs of 107 popular boats, and multiple license software that can be used to create designs of floatable objects like boats.

Over 40 Step-by Step Instructional Videos

These boat building videos leave no stone unturned. You will get to observe the boat building process from the creation of the design to the finished product. This is ideal for novices who hope to learn more about boat building from the course. You’ll also get videos on boat design calculations and boat repair—things every boat builder should know.

Full Color Pictures

The manuals are full of detailed images and diagrams that allow you to follow along with every step. This is great for visual learners, and allows you to make sure you’ve completed each step correctly before proceeding with the build.

All in all I couldn’t be more pleased with this course. It provided me with everything I needed to know about boat building—and I’ll be getting lots of use out of it.