Hypertufa How-To Manual Review

Hypertufa How-To Manual reviews

Does Hypertufa How-To Manual Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Claudia Brownlie's Program:

The Hypertufa How To Manual is a great new guide that teaches folks how to make creative mud pies. Those who are not familiar with hypertufa may be wondering why anyone would try to make art out of mud pies, but it is actually a rather popular medium. These works of art are literally made out of the dirt in your garden, and are often used to decorate the area from which they come. The trick to making these pieces of “mud art” is creating them in such a way that they do not crumble or wear under certain weather conditions. As they are basically made from dirt, this can be something of a challenge.

This is where Claudia Brownlie’s expert advice comes in. She is something of a mud pie master, no doubt a tile she is very proud of. She has been designing and making hypertufa art for years, and knows all of the little tricks that will help you make unique, lasting, creative pieces for your home and garden spaces. The book goes well beyond the technical aspects of making hypertufa pieces, and delves into the more creative aspects of the medium as well. This is where Claudia really shines, and offers some wonderful ideas for crafting your designs.

The Author’s Expertise

You’ll be amazed at some of the designs Claudia has made, pictures of which are included throughout the book. While many folks limit their hypertufa to simple shapes like bowls or planters, she has made all kinds of wonderful sculptures that would add to the aesthetics of any garden space. You will certainly be inspired when you see the creations she and her students have made.

The manual is not only full of fantastic techniques and ideas, but it is also very easy to follow. Even the most complex designs are explained in step-by-step detail so you can easy duplicate Brownlie’s success. Many how-to manuals assume their readers have a certain amount of knowledge and experience on the topic, but Brownlie created her guide so that beginners with little or no experience could jump right in and start making amazing hypertufa pieces. Her instruction makes the process easy and thoroughly enjoyable.

The guide includes instructions for making all sorts of designs, some of which include:

  • Spheres
  • Troughs
  • Free form designs
  • Sculpted designs
  • Rocks
  • Stepping stones

You will have so many choices available to you, which will enable you to make designs that express your own sense of creativity and put your own personal touch in your outdoor spaces.

Contents of the Course

When you purchase the course you will receive the main guide in eBook format, and you will also get a bonus offering from the author; her new book, Hypertufa Leaf Casting. Some of the most beautiful designs I’ve seen are leaf castings, and they make a great addition to your other hypertufa designs.

In addition to getting two great books for the price of one, your purchase is also backed with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can try it risk free for up to eight full weeks.

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