Dog Food Secrets Review

Dog Food Secrets reviews

Does Dog Food Secrets Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Andrew Lewis's Program:

Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis addresses the poor quality of commercial dog foods and offers alternatives that can add years to your dog’s life, and life to his years. Lewis explains how these foods are filled with all sorts of fillers and unhealthy ingredients that have a slow but steady negative impact on the health of the dogs that eat it.

The author goes on to claim that the average life span of dogs, which is now around 11 years, could actually skyrocket to 27 years if they were fed a proper diet, making a strong case for the fact that commercial foods are lacking in essential nutrients and full of substances that are detrimental to the health of our four-legged friends.

Life Long Dog Lover Here

I love dogs, and my family had several throughout my childhood. Our first was Shalamar, a huge Great Dane that used to trample me when he wanted to play. My favorite had to be Kane, a beautiful pit bull terrier who, despite common myths about the breed, was the sweetest and friendliest dog I’ve ever known. Kane passed away when he was only 10, and upon reading the Dog Food Secrets Book, I was initially upset that I didn’t know about any of this 15 years ago when he was still alive.

My wife and I are planning to get a dog within the next year, so I was particularly curious about what the ideal foods for dogs are when I got the book. I don’t want to make the same mistakes with our new dog that I did with all the dogs we had when I was growing up.

The Sad Truth

The more I read, the more I shook my head in disgust. I couldn’t believe that dogs are actually considered geriatric when they’re only 5 years old—due almost exclusively to the poor diets they’re fed. I found it quite sad that pet owners who really care about their dogs are feeding them a diet that slowly kills them way before their time should be up, and have no idea they’re doing it.

Dogs have specific nutritional needs that are often unfulfilled when they are fed commercial dog foods. According to dog nutritionists and veterinarians, nearly all of the major dog food brands you’d find in a supermarket contain inadequate nutrients. As if that weren’t bad enough, independent test have shown that many of these dog foods contain toxic materials, pesticides, slaughterhouse waste and heavy metals.

The Silver Lining

The author concedes that not all commercial dog foods are bad, but that as consumers and dog owners we need to learn how to read the labels on dog food to determine whether the nutritional value of the food is adequate. He goes on to claim that the cheap, mass produced dog foods will almost certainly fall well short.

Before reading the book I had my doubts about the quality of commercial pet foods, but based on what I read, the situation is much worse than I imagined. Luckily for conscientious dog owners the author explains in detail exactly what to look for in a good dog food, and even provides some great recipes for making your own dog food to ensure that your dogs are getting what they need nutritionally.

Can You Trust the Information in the Dog Food Secrets EBook?

Andrew Lewis backs up all of his statements regarding the poor quality of commercial dog food with verified scientific research. He’s not just crying wolf here to sell more books—and he provides several resources where the facts he presents in his book can be verified. Part of me wishes he was wrong, as I wouldn’t feel as bad about all of the dogs we fed commercial dog food over the years, but the facts here speak for themselves.

Reading this book has really opened up my eyes, and I learned a tremendous amount of valuable information about nutrition for dogs and how to make sure my own dog is getting everything he or she needs (when we get one). I think this book should be required reading for all dog owners, and I highly recommend picking up a copy for yourself.