Zoe's Yoga Burn Reviews

Yoga Burn reviews

Does Yoga Burn Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Zoe's Program:

In a world full of lose-weight-fast schemes and scams, one workout system is gaining popularity fast. It’s called the Yoga Burn and its author claims her system is designed to deliver a two-punch combo that blows the competition out of the water. Yoga Burn tones the body and reduces stress at the same time.

Who Is Zoe?

Zoe Bray Cotton, creator of the Yoga Burn system, has several titles under her name. She helps women transform their bodies, a personal trainer, and a certified instructor of Yoga. Her experience with one-on-one personal training, and Yoga teaching for people who want to lose excess weight and tone their bodies led to the creation of the Yoga Burn workout and women are raving about the real world results they get. But does it really work? Or just another placebo effect that is not sustainable in the long run?

What Are the Benefits?

It is a 12 week Yoga workout system that has been specifically designed to help women attain their ideal weight and the same time tone the muscles and firm up the whole body. There are three phases in the program and each phase spans four weeks. Videos and instructions accompany each phase of the program.

According to the author, Yoga Burn provides the following benefits:

  1. The system is tailored for individual needs. Generic classes don’t usually fit individual goals and physical capabilities. Not everyone benefits from class workouts. Here is where the program shines because it can cater to each person’s workout goals and limitations.
  2. Unlike high intensity workout programs, Yoga Burn helps lower stress levels and induces relaxation. Yoga has been known to lower cortisol levels with the accompanying poses and breathing routines. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone and too much of this hormone has been proven to increase body fat levels, lower the body’s immune function, decrease bone density, increase blood pressure and cholesterol, and other health issues. Lower cortisol means lower probability of acquiring related diseases.
  3. Yoga Burn routines adjust as the person advances through the system. For someone to achieve good results from Yoga, poses and routines should be tailored according to specific goals. This is where Dynamic Sequencing comes in. It’s a unique approach in Yoga that can help a person to learn the correct poses with the appropriate duration and the sequencing of these poses from start to finish. This helps overcome workout plateaus that are common in routine workouts when the body has become accustomed to the physical stress.

Other benefits of Zoe’s Yoga Burn include:

  • Reduces weight safely. Unlike other strenuous workout systems, Yoga Burn is designed to get rid of excess weight in a safe manner.
  • Improves flexibility. Yoga poses encourage stretching which can dramatically improve overall flexibility even for those who haven’t worked out before.
  • Improves sleeping patterns. Yoga poses and principles relax both the body and the mind, which results to deeper and more relaxing sleep.
  • Tones muscles and increases strength. Zoe’s Yoga Burn uses the body for weight resistance. This can help improve muscle tone as well as increase physical strength.
  • Improves blood flow. Relaxed mind and body, flexible joints, strong and toned muscles – these are all factors that help improve the flow of blood in the whole body. And when blood flow is improved, the delivery of nutrients is enhanced.
  • Improves athletic performance. Athletes can benefit from Yoga because of the increased flexibility and muscle strength helping them perform better in sports.
  • Reduces anxiety and improves mood. Yoga has been prescribed for those suffering from anxiety because of the relaxing poses and breathing routines. This leads to an improved mood.

The Three Phases of Zoe’s Yoga Burn

The 12 week Yoga Burn program is divided into three phases and each phase should last four weeks and includes three workouts. Allot 4 days each week and 45 minutes for each workout.

First Phase: Foundational Flow. Being the first phase in the Zoe’s Yoga Burn program, this is where the foundation is built for the rest of the system. An introduction to the yoga poses and how to achieve each in correct form is explained by the author in easy, step-by-step instructions. The yoga poses are then tied together to form a smooth flow of exercises. This may seem basic but it’s designed to boost metabolism and improve breathing. Things to learn in this phase include proper from in each exercise and pose, how to go through each phase correctly, and controlling the core.

Second Phase: Transitional Flow. Transitioning from one yoga pose to another requires proper movement and control. This is where the Transitional Flow Phase comes in. It also helps in the creation of yoga pose sequences by mixing things up and combining them for maximum calorie burn.

Third Phase: Mastery Flow. This is the final phase of Zoe’s Yoga Burn system which teaches how the learning in the first and second phases can be combined to create a high powered, muscle toning workout that can help tone muscles, burn fat, increase flexibility, and improve mental and physical health. Workout routines can be tailored for more efficient fat burning and to target specific problem areas in the body. The Mastery Flow Phase helps transform the body through definition building, boost the body’s metabolism, and builds lean muscles in specific areas to achieve that ‘yoga’ body.

Bonus Workouts Included

At any time during the 12 week program, there are bonus workouts that can be done to enhance the overall experience. These are:

Tranquility Flow. This is based on the restorative principles of yoga and should last only 15 minutes. It helps stretch and relax the body. Proper posture while walking or sitting is also emphasized in this section as well as muscle relaxation and de-stressing.

Beginner Flow. Lasting 45 minutes, this session shows basic poses in a slower pace which is perfect for beginners in the program. Also included is a relaxation routine.

Pose Tutorials. Yoga is all about the correct form and breathing and this section serves as the reference for all the poses included in Zoe’s Yoga Burn program. Complete tutorials are included in easy-to-follow instructions.

What Makes Zoe's Yoga Burn a Hit?

Perfect for any fitness level from beginner to advanced. The program is easy to follow and filled with simple visual instructions which makes following the program easy. Zoe took an interesting approach to the system by including moves that are not available in similar programs. The combination of these moves provides variety which helps build and keep enthusiasm.

Results focused. By proving opportunities for progress through sequence changes, plateaus are avoided which leads to better results in less time. Increasing difficulty levels also push the body’s limits achieving maximum calorie burn.

Convenience. Yoga class at home. This saves on transport and recurring fees. After a one time free for all the perks and inclusions, there are no other payments to worry about. Zoe’s Yoga Burn does not require special equipment.

Simply works. Yoga alone has been proven to shed off excess body weight, tone muscles, increase base metabolism, enhance mood, and improve overall health. Zoe has combined all these benefits into an easy-to-follow system that fits everyone’s fitness level.

Portable. An audio version is available by downloading over the Internet which can then be transferred to a smartphone or other portable media players.

Affordable. Depending on the package, Zoe’s Yoga Burn costs $37 to $57 plus shipping. This is much cheaper than attending yoga classes due to the recurring monthly charges and the transportation costs.

What's Not to Like?

Results may vary. This applies to all exercise programs out there in the market. Overall result will depend on the individual. Some may achieve their goals in 12 weeks, some may take longer. But still, the benefits of the exercises apply to everyone.

Might seem too easy for others. For some who have undergone high intensity interval trainings and resistance trainings, the program might seem too light and is not challenging enough. But yoga has other benefits that can’t be achieved through other workout systems.


Zoe’s Yoga Burn seems to be on the right track when it comes to providing women the vehicle to transform their bodies and achieve good health. It’s based on the centuries old principles of yoga which has been proven to be a great way to achieve a well toned body and strong physique.

But it’s not a silver bullet to end all weight issues. It requires dedication on both time and effort. Since there are no trainers to monitor progress, it’s all up to the individual to make sure that she’s focused on her goals. At the end of the day, this system works well only when all instructions are followed.