Visual Impact Muscle Building Book Review

Visual Impact Muscle Building reviews

Does Visual Impact Muscle Building Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Rusty Moore's Program:

Getting that lean muscular look women love so much is something that a lot of guys are after. There are as many online courses available that claim to provide these results as there are seconds in a day, and unfortunately most of them aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Contrary to what the late night infomercials tell you, getting into this kind of shape is not easy. It takes an intelligently designed exercise program and a customizable nutrition plan to even get close to these kinds of results, and most programs fall short on both counts.

The “Hollywood Hunk” Look

If you’re after that Hollywood look stars like Brad Pitt and Taylor Lautner have shown us on the big screen you’ll need to do more than just go to the gym and lift weights a few times per week. You’ll need to learn how to gain muscles in all of the right places without overdeveloping some muscle groups that detract from “the look”. You’ll also have to know exactly how to eat to maximize these results and get lean enough to show off your hard earned muscles.

If you walk in any gym you’ll see a lot of guys that are pretty muscular, but how many have the complete look you’re after? Sadly, you not many at all. Building muscle is not terribly difficult—but building it in the right proportions and getting down to a single digit body fat percentage can be very tricky if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

The Ideal Solution

The Visual Impact Muscle Building course created by Rusty Moore was designed for men who want the Hollywood look but don’t have the budget to pay for personal trainers, nutritionists and private chefs. Rusty Moore has designed a three phase program that will get you the ripped muscular physique you’ve always wanted but have been unable to attain.

The program includes a 6-month exercise and nutrition program with each of the three phases lasting 8 weeks. The end result is a sharp, chiseled physique with full muscles and superior definition. Each phase is designed to focus on a specific aspect of training, and successive phases build on the results of the previous phase. In phase three it all comes together as you start to sculpt your newly developed muscle into a living work of art.

About the Author

Rusty Moore is a fitness expert who specializes in helping clients build aesthetically pleasing, lean, muscular physiques. His website is one of the most visited body sculpting sites on the internet, and he has helped thousands of men realize the body of their dreams over the last 4 years. His specialty is helping guys build muscle and get lean without going overboard and getting the “meathead” look so many gym rats have.

Muscle Building the Visual Impact Way

In his course Rusty claims that the techniques most guys are using to build muscle are outdated and inefficient. This is why so few guys are able to build the kind of balanced physiques they’re after. Some guys choose to use anabolic steroids and gain too much muscle in the wrong places. Others focus too much on getting lean and don’t have enough muscle to pull off the look.

Three Phases to Success

Moore’s 3-phase approach was created from years of research and based on hundreds of case studies. The breakdown of each phase is as follows:

  • Phase 1: In phase one you’ll be building muscle in all the right places using high rep sets of a specific set of exercises with short rest periods between sets. This will give you a good foundation to build on in the later phases.
  • Phase 2: Phase two focuses on increased time under tension to facilitate further growth and increased muscle mass.
  • Phase 3: Phases one and two were all about building muscle. In phase three you’ll focus on increasing definition to get the lean, ripped look. Think of this phase as the sculpting phase, where your body will take shape and start to really turn some heads.

Are You Ready for Perfection?

Rusty Moore’s course shows you how to build the exact body you want with the precision and control of a surgeon. There are charts, graphs and photos that walk you through every step of the program—leaving nothing to chance. If you’re looking to build the type of finely tuned physique that will make you stand out in any crown, the Visual Impact Muscle Building course won’t disappoint!