Venus Factor Xtreme Review

Venus Factor Xtreme reviews

Does Venus Factor Xtreme Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of John Barban's Program:

With the increasing number of overweight and obese people at present, leading to weight-related medical and health conditions, it’s no longer surprising to see several weight loss programs being introduced to the public. One is the Venus Factor Xtreme created by John Barban.

Who is John Barban?

John Barban is a fitness coach and nutritionist based in Canada. He has around eight years of experience in the sports and dietary supplement industry. He spent several years doing an extensive research and developing a number of weight loss and sports supplements and programs. John’s extensive knowledge of physiology and biology helped him develop the Venus Factor Xtreme (VFX), a weight loss system mainly designed for women.

Venus Factor Xtreme Program for Weight Loss: An Overview

The main goal of the program created by John Barban is to optimize the metabolic system of women, thereby encouraging weight loss. It instructs women to stick to a certain diet plan, which is a huge help in shedding extra pounds even after they work out. With an increase in metabolic rate, you can also expect your body to stop storing excess calories.

Venus Factor Xtreme also covers several diet plans and effective exercises for women who aim to attain their target weight. It works for all ages. In general, the weight loss program has the following major components:

  • Nutrition Manual – It includes custom meal plans that fully depend on your budget and taste preferences. It also comes with an advanced education section, which is guaranteed to meet the nutritional requirements of your body.
  • 12-week Workout Program – This component is composed of a set of instructional workout videos and a complete workout system that runs for up to twelve weeks. The good thing about the workouts is that you can do them whether you are in a gym or at home.
  • It covers more than 140 premium workout lessons and videos, so you’ll know exactly the correct form and the proper ways to do the exercises and when. It has information on muscle toning and whole body conditioning.
  • Virtual Nutritionist – It’s a software app, which works by calculating specific protein and calorie requirements that will promote weight loss based on your specific body measurements. It also recommends calorie intake by taking into consideration your weight loss goals and food preferences.
  • Venus Community – It refers to a private online community with a membership, which is exclusive only to those who follow the Venus Factor Xtreme program. With the help of a community filled with like-minded and results-driven members, it’s possible for you to learn and be inspired to reach your goal.
  • The community also allows you to create your own blog shareable within the Venus community, and browse the forums and blogs of other members so you can learn from them.
  • Venus Index Podcast – With this podcast, you can hear other members of the program who share their success stories. Such is definitely helpful in motivating yourself to attain your body shape and weight loss goals.

How Does it Work in Stimulating Weight Loss?

Venus Factor Xtreme works because its main focus is on using nutrition as a means of improving your metabolic functions. If you let your metabolism work at the ideal speed, or even higher, then your body will find it easier to burn stored fats while also utilizing the nutrients it absorbs from the foods you eat.

It does not have actual restrictions on the foods you eat. There is no need for you to skimp on fats and carbs, just like what other diet plans require you to do. The diet plans in the Venus Factor Xtreme were designed in such a way that you won’t feel deprived.

The program also works with the different workouts that it recommends to the followers of the program. It provides details on ways to activate your fat-burning hormone, known as leptin, through proper workouts.

Advantages of the Weight Loss Program

Does not require any gym equipment – There is no need for you to purchase any gym equipment as you can complete most of the exercises included in the program without them. In fact, you can do them right at your own home.

Easy to follow – Most of the instructions are presented by Barban in such a way that women will never have a hard time following them. Since it’s easy to follow, members can focus more on making great improvements on their body, instead of how they can correctly do the exercise.

No food restrictions – What’s good about the program is that it does not require you to follow strict dieting. It’s simple and stress-free and does not make you feel deprived. Despite the fact that it does not have restrictions, the diet plans indicated in the program can still help you slim down while allowing your body to absorb enough nutrients.

Flexible – It works for all women regardless of their age and profession.

Downloadable – There is no need for you to wait for the program to be delivered at your doorstep as you can easily download it right after your payment.

Possible Drawbacks

One possible drawback with VFX is that it only works for women. That said, it will never be effective for men who are also planning to lose weight. In addition, it takes up to twelve weeks to see results. Some find it too long, especially those who want to get their desired weight loss fast.


Venus Factor Xtreme is indeed a valuable program for all women out there who want to improve their figure the safe way. It is not a quick solution to weight loss, which is actually a good thing as it means that it is safe. Note that rapid weight loss is not actually good as it also carries with it the risk of gaining back the lost weight when you commit even just a minor mistake.

However, just like any other program, you also need to play your part when following the program created by John Barban. You have to commit yourself to following the meal and diet plans suggested in the program and the workouts. Expect it to be a great weight loss solution for you, especially if you’re aiming to see results within three months (12 weeks).