Trouble Spot Training System Review

Trouble Spot Training reviews

Does Trouble Spot Training Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Janet Krahn's Program:

If you are mostly happy with the condition of your body but wish you could cut off your love handles or zap away your muffin top, you are the ideal user for an exercise and nutrition program called the Trouble Spot Training System. The system will introduce you to a three-step program designed to eliminate fat from the following trouble zones: Abs, Arms, Back, Butt, Chest, Legs...

If you're trying to lose the last 10 pounds or have unwanted flab in specific spots, this three-step system designed by holistic nutritionist Janet Krahn will help you reach those goals in a healthy manner. Janet and her husband Bruce researched and tested every element of the program personally, and they have helped many other people get healthy with the same process.

Fat Burning vs. Spot Training

Have you ever been told that there is no such thing as spot reduction? It is true that you can't force your body to eliminate fat from your muffin top rather than your thighs. The process of eliminating stored fat follows a proven cycle. First, you monitor your nutritional intake and increase your physical activity to create a calorie deficit. This means that you burn more calories than you are consuming each day.

Your body then pulls from your stored fat in order to make up that deficit. You can hope and pray that your body draws those excess calories from your trouble spots, but you are at the mercy of your biological system. The Trouble Spot Training System was designed to help you give your body a natural push toward the fat reserves in the trouble spots you want to eliminate.

This program sill teaches you how to burn fat from your overall body. That is the second step in the three-step process. The trick is to master the secrets of fat burn and then progress to the third phase to target specific body parts that you see as your biggest flaws. While it's true that spot fat reduction is impossible, you can follow some proven fat-burning methods to encourage your body to tighten up your tummy, your tush and other spots that make you insecure or unhappy.

Exercise + Nutrition = Results

The Trouble Spot Training System is not your average weight loss program. Instead of focusing largely on nutrition or exercise, it delivers high-value information in both categories. You learn how to nourish your body for maximum fat loss, and then you learn how to exercise to effectively reduce those stubborn fat zones. Without both of these components, you won't successfully eliminate those trouble spots.

Pumping Up and Slimming Down

Besides offering a complete nutritional and exercise system that will help you target specific body parts that drive you crazy, the Trouble Spot Training System teaches you how to build lean muscle while reducing your stored body fat. This is important because you can't get the butt, abs, arms or legs of your dreams without building a lean, well-sculpted body with healthy muscle tone.

The name of this program may make you think of spot reduction, but you know that isn't a realistic concept. You can't do a few sit ups and watch your abdominal fat disappear anymore than you can bake a cupcake in your dreams and wakeup to find it hot on your dresser. This program teaches you fat-burning secrets as well as nutritional guidelines and workout strategies that can result in changes to your biggest trouble spots. The real secret is that you will also see improvements in other areas of your body because the strategies target your entire body as well as those trouble zones.