The Half Day Diet Plan Review

The Half Day Diet reviews

Does The Half Day Diet Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Nate Miyaki's Program:

Realizing the ideal physique requires a lot of time, effort, and the right nutrition. As a lot of people are trying to find the best weight loss program, many diet plans came up for the past years. But how can you know that it is the right one? Well, why not go to the experts? One such expert is Nate Miyaki who came up with The Half Day Diet Plan through his years of experience in the world of fitness.

About Nate Miyaki

Nate Miyaki is a jack of many trades when it comes to fitness and sports. Starting from being a track and field and football athlete, he ventured into martial arts, wrestling, and stunts. He then became a bodybuilder, a fitness model, and an author. His writings became bestsellers and appeared on various well-known sites and magazines.

Aside from being a speaker in conferences, Miyaki also works as a consultant and trainer for many people for over a decade. He has a post-graduate degree in Kinesiology. He also has certificates in Sports and Fitness Nutrition, among other credentials. These are on top of his first place victories in bodybuilding competitions.

If these qualifications are not enough to warrant an expert tag in terms of fitness, whose is?

The Half Day Diet Plan Overview

The Half Day Diet Plan is a program developed by Nate Miyaki designed for losing weight. It comes in the form of a book that is divided into five parts.

It begins with a prologue about Miyaki's story. The next part is an introduction on fat loss and health enhancement hierarchy. The third part is the core of the program spanning fifteen chapters about what food to eat and when to eat, how to calculate calories, carbohydrate recommendations, etc. He includes a food chart and sample calculations and templates in the fourth part. Finally, he ends the book with a fifth part on troubleshooting.

Included with the book are bonus books. The Happy Hour Handbook is about still having alcohol without messing up your diet. The Holiday Fat Loss Manual is about how to eat during the holidays when there's so much food. And the Restaurant and Fast Food Survival Guide is a guide on how to eat right when you can only eat in restaurants and fast food chains.

How it Works

Miyaki's program does not follow the trend of low-carb diets. After trying them for a while, he found that most people could not follow through with it. He says that only 2% successfully lost weight. This is because people eventually give in to their cravings for carbohydrate-rich food.

He learned that these cravings are triggered by the part of the brain called LH-VTA loop (lateral hypothalamus and ventral tegmental area), or what he calls carb-loop. When the body is deprived of carbohydrates, or when carb-rich foods are eaten at the wrong times, these cravings are activated.

Low carb diets also cause adverse effects on the body such as lowering metabolic rates or messing it up, imbalance in hormones, lowered immunity, lowered libido, brain fog, and stress.

In one study, subjects were divided into two groups: one group ate carbs many times a day while the other had them at night only. The research found that the group that ate all the carbs at night lost more fats and were more satiated, and had less cravings.

So his program is centered on fasting for half a day from morning until lunch time, and having big carb-rich meals at dinner. He also points out how ancient people spent most of the day hunting in a fasted state and spent the night feasting on what they caught.

The program offers what food you can eat, as eating the right food makes up most of what you need to lose weight. Avoiding processed foods, according to him, will enhance your metabolism and protect you from diseases.

He also provides diet plans that you can use according to your lifestyle. The basic principle is eating less during the day and eating a lot at night. He also teaches how to compute calories, and recommends food depending on your lifestyle.

There are three pillars in his program:

Macro-optimization: There are three macronutrients that this program focuses on: fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. In order to achieve the physique that you want, the diet you must follow will adjust these nutrients. The diet will include what foods you will eat, when to eat them, and how much.

Customization: There is no one size fits all for diets. An obese person cannot follow a program designed for an athlete. Busy professionals cannot follow a program that takes too much time for workouts. Since people have different bodies, interests and different lifestyles, the program is developed to be customizable.

Evolution: While following a diet plan, your body changes and your diet needs as well. Most programs cannot be adjusted according to these changes. But the half day diet includes templates that will be appropriate for your changing body.

The Good

Author is very qualified

As mentioned in the article, the author has many years of experience in this field. He has seen how the program had worked for people, whether they were fit or not. And it's not just about his years of experience but also his credentials in sports, fitness, and health. This gives credibility to his designed program.

Works with different lifestyles

Most diet programs are centered on either the fit or the fat. But Miyaki's program offers guides on people who usually exercise and for those who are lazy or have sedentary or busy lifestyles. So the excuse of "not having time" to follow a diet is not valid.

Acknowledges that carbohydrates aren't bad

Low carb diets are so prevalent nowadays and they all say carbohydrates aren't necessary. But Miyaki acknowledges that carbohydrates are important and without them, the body will undergo unfavorable reactions. But even with carbs, his program aims to trick the body into burning fats for energy. So there's no need to deprive yourself of the delicious carbs you like eating.

Based on scientific data

The foundation for the program is based on scientific data and not on theories. He also developed this not by forming a theory and trying to prove it. He did by observing a problem, forming a theory, and basing his program on scientific facts.

The Bad

Vague workout plan

For a complete weight loss program, there should be both diet and exercise instructions. It should include what type of exercises should be done, how many times a week, for how long, and how many numbers of sets and repetitions are needed. But although the program recommends exercising, the book does not contain these details. It is mostly centered on the food to take.

Claims to be paleo-centric but is not

Paleo diet is centered on the food that you must eat, which is what the ancient people ate. But although the book claims to be paleo-centric, details are lacking about this aspect. Also, the book says that you can eat anything for the eating period, which is totally against the paleo diet.

Lacks motivation

With so many diets existing nowadays, the book is lacking on the motivational side. Even though it offers its premise on tricking the body about the carbs, it does not exert enough effort in encouraging people to follow the program.

It takes time and adjustment

Results are not immediate as with many other programs. In order to achieve results, you would need to follow through with the diet. Also, it may not be easy to avoid eating for half a day. There is a drastic change needed in terms of the time you eat. So if you still want to eat three big meals a day, then the program may not be for you.


With so many diets out there having similar principles, it could be really confusing to choose what fits you. Most diets are centered on low carb intake. This nutrient, according to them, is not needed by your body. But this principle leaves you wondering why there are carbs in the first place and why does your body crave for them? There are also numerous negative effects from depriving your body of these carbohydrates.

Nate Miyaki's The Half Day Diet Plan offers a program that does not restrict you from taking carbs, but tells you to trick your body into burning fat instead. He says you can do this by taking carbs at the right time. The program gets its name on the basic principle itself - fast for half a day and feast on all the carbs you want at night. His program was based on scientific evidences as well as the effective results he has seen from his clients. Although his program may be lacking in several aspects, his out-of-the-box diet plan is simple enough to follow and has the right scientific backing.