The Anything Goes Diet

The Anything Goes Diet reviews

Does The Anything Goes Diet Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of John Barban's Program:

If you have tried to lose weight recently, you probably followed a pretty strict diet and exercise regimen. There were certain foods you couldn’t eat, and you most likely counted your daily calorie intake. While this approach often yields great results, a lot of people are just not ready to follow all of the rules that come with traditional weight loss diets. Luckily, there are alternatives that are better suited for these folks, and The Anything Goes Diet is certainly one worth taking a closer look at.

John Barban created this diet for people like him. Folks who needed to lose a few pounds, but who did not want to count calories each day and eat the same 5 foods over and over. The simple truth is that in order to lose weight you must achieve a daily calorie deficit. That is the one rule that must be followed in order to lose weight. Barban builds his program around this one rule, and conveniently throws out all of the others.

The Golden Rule

On this diet you will focus all of your efforts on achieving a calorie deficit. Everything else is negotiable. You can eat as few or as many meals a day as you like. There are no foods that you cannot eat. You don’t have to stop eating a certain number of hours before bed. You don’t have to write down everything you eat in a notebook and add up all of the calories.

So how could this possibly work? The system is based on a very precise scientific method called calorie guessing. Okay, it’s not really precise or scientific at all, but it gives you what you need—a rough estimate of your daily calorie intake. You will start by learning approximately how many calories are in the average portion of certain types of foods. You can jot this down if it will help you memorize the totals. Once you have that list, you will use it to estimate how much you’re eating each day.

Before you start the program you will figure out your calorie target for each day (using the guide). All you have to do after that is make sure you do not go over that amount. That’s it. Eat whatever you want, whenever you want—just stay under the magic number.

Effort Required

I could tell you that this diet will be a breeze, but I’m a straight shooter so I’m not going to pump sunshine up your skirt. You still have to limit your calories every day, and you will still be hungry sometimes. There’s no way around this, so you will have to endure a bit of suffering on this program to get the results you’re after.

To give you an idea of how the book is laid out, here are some of the chapters:

  • Calorie Guessing – The Art of Estimation
  • Think Weekly – Nothing Will Change Overnight
  • It’s ALL GOOD – There are no BAD foods
  • All About You – No Comparisons Necessary

A Novel Approach

By focusing only on what matters most, The Anything Goes Diet forgoes the long list of rules and lets you lose weight on your own terms. Grab a copy today and diet without the food scale and carb counting guide!