Sweat Miracle 5 Steps System Review

Sweat Miracle reviews

Does Sweat Miracle Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Miles Dawson's Program:

Those of you who suffer from excessive sweating may or may not know you actually suffer from a real condition called hyperhidrosis. Millions of people around the world struggle with profuse sweating, sweaty palms, or some other variation of this condition. Do you sweat a lot when you get nervous? Do you have to change shirts several times per day in warm weather? Do you avoid hugs or shaking hands because you are covered in sweat?

If you answered yes to these questions you probably have hyperhidrosis. Before you get too upset about the diagnosis, I do want you to know that there is a holistic treatment for the condition that can have you symptom free in just a few weeks.

At My Wit’s End

I struggled with this frustrating condition for three years, and tried every remedy in the book to get rid of it. I even went to a hypnotist who claimed he would reprogram my brain to stop the sweating. It didn’t work—and neither did the half dozen other remedies I tried. I was about ready to give up completely and resign myself to a life of wearing undershirts and avoiding personal contact with others when I came across the Sweat Miracle Book.

A friend told me about the guide, and insisted that I give it a try. I was not the slightest bit enthused about it, as I had already tried similar “natural” treatments, and all they did was lighten my wallet. I appreciated that my friend was trying to help me out, so after a few days of persistent persuasion on her part, I gave in and bought the guide. I even bet her $20 that I would be returning it within 6 weeks after proving to her that it was more BS.

The Old College Try

When I first read through the course I was happy to see that it at least included some remedies I hadn’t already tried. The author, Miles Dawson, described his own struggles with hyperhidrosis, and I understood them all too well. He seemed like a stand up guy, but the proof, as they say, would be in the pudding.

After two weeks of using the methods in the book I didn’t notice any change in my sweating. I was disappointed, but at least I would win $20. I called my friend to whine and gloat, and she confidently told me to give it two more weeks. I thought she was just delaying the inevitable, but the guide did say it would take 30 days to work, so I kept up with the treatment.

A Big Surprise

During the fourth week of the treatment something crazy happened—I started sweating a lot less. By the end of the fourth week I was hardly sweating at all. I gave it another week to make sure before paying out on the bet, and things had only improved. At this point I can honestly say I was sweating like a normal person!

It’s now been three months since I started using the program, and I’ve almost forgotten about my old sweating problem. Dawson’s book really works! If anybody out there is struggling with excessive sweating the way I was, I highly recommend Sweat Miracle. It is the real deal!