Six Pack Shortcuts

Six Pack Shortcuts reviews

Does Six Pack Shortcuts Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Mike Chang's Program:

When most people think of getting six-pack abdominals they imagine that doing hundreds of sit -ups and crunches per day are the way to do it. This may strengthen and build the abdominal muscles, but the main reason your six-pack is not visible is the pesky layer of subcutaneous fat that’s covering them. On a side note, performing too many crunches and sit-up variations can lead to postural issues and neck pain. If you’d like to know how to expose a ripped set of abdominals the right way, read on—I have found just the program to do it.

Six Pack Shortcuts was developed by renowned personal trainer Mike Chang. The program cuts through all the nonsense floating around out there and shows you exactly how you should eat and exercise for best results. The entire focus of the program is on building and uncovering a head-turning six-pack.

Program Basics

The program consists of three 4-week phases, so can be completed in just 12 weeks. In each phase you’ll be exercising 5 days per week, performing different strength training exercises. The workouts in the program do require some basic equipment like dumbbells, barbells and workout benches, so having a gym membership or a home gym setup is recommended. The workouts, on average, will take about 45 minutes to perform, so you won’t be spending hours in the gym to get the results you’re after.

Phase 1

During the initial phase of the program the focus will be on building some additional muscle mass and supercharge your metabolism. This will allow you to burn more calories in phases two and three and build a solid muscular base so you look your best once you lean out at the end of the program.

Phase 2

In phase 2 you’ll still be building some muscle, but the training becomes more intense, and you will start burning some serious calories each day. You’ll build a bit of muscle and lose a bit of fat in phase 2.

Phase 3

In the final phase of the program the training wheels (and the layer of fat hiding your abs) come off. You’ll be performing workouts that incinerate body fat and burn tons of calories. The accompanying nutritional guidelines will bring your results to the next level, and the always coveted six-pack will begin to show through the steadily shrinking subcutaneous fat. Phase 3 is intense and difficult—but the results are worth the effort. The author reiterates that there is no real shortcut to getting a six-pack; you have to earn it every day in the gym and in the kitchen.

Mike Chang’s No BS Approach

The best thing about this program is the information the author shares with you and his straight shooting style. There are a lot of weight loss programs out there that promise maximum results with minimal effort—this isn’t one of them. Mike Chang makes it clear that no one ever got the body they were dreaming of by eating whatever they wanted and taking a walk every now and then. The six-pack is like a medal—and it can only be earned through the combination of hard work in the gym and intelligent eating habits in the kitchen.

The Exercises

When you purchase Six Pack Shortcuts you’ll get Mike’s proven three phase workout program which includes 27 highly effective abdominal exercises, and includes video instructions for performing them. Mike has used these exercises himself, and with his training clients, so you know they will work. The workouts also contain 31 other fat burning exercises that will help you drop your body fat percentage down into the single digits where your abdominal muscles will be revealed.


You are what you eat, and Mike will explain the nutritional guidelines you need to follow to melt the fat off of your body. You won’t be living on rabbit food with this program, but be prepared to part with the cake and ice cream for 12 weeks.

A Clarification

This program is called Six Pack Shortcuts—but what you’ll learn in the program is how to manipulate your diet and exercise routine to get a six pack as quickly as possible. There are no real shortcuts in the program at all, just a proven, intelligent approach to building muscle and losing fat with the ultimate goal of having ripped, defined abs.