Shapeshifter Yoga System Reviews

Shapeshifter Yoga reviews

Does Shapeshifter Yoga Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Kris Fondran's Program:

Shapeshifter Yoga is the latest fitness program released by Kris Fondran. This program works using a scientifically researched training program and the ancient practice of yoga. According to the site, it is intended to speed weight loss, boost flexibility and enhance concentration. One of the best things about the program is that it utilizes non-strenuous movements to boost weight loss.

Created by Kris Fondran, Shapeshifter Yoga can be found digitally and in traditional DVDs. There are also e-books about the program that can be read on portable devices. For the lucky few, Fondran offers actual yoga classes. As a former marathon runner, she received her master's in the field of exercise science. Unlike some of the celebrity fitness programs, she actually has the knowledge and experience to back up the program.

Initial Thoughts About the Program

Every time I start a fitness program, I harbor delusions that it will not actually require effort. On the cover, the yogis look so peaceful and relaxed. In reality, the Shapeshifter Yoga program consists of intense exercise videos. The Everyday Flow Follow Along Video was my favorite because it only takes about ten minutes to complete. It was designed for women with busy schedules, but also works well for lazier gals like me.

For the fitness enthusiast, the Shapeshifter Program Video is a better choice. This program uses all of the poses listed in the digital library as an integrated routine. You can do the entire routine completely or break it into parts. Either way, it is a great workout that is complemented by a wall chart, audio package and digital library.

Feeling the Burn

Kris manages to make an invigorating workout video that stands out from the traditional fitness fare. She actually understands how the human body works, and this knowledge is reflected within her videos. Throughout the workout, she offers modifications or enhancements so that every fitness level can take part. If the video gets too boring, the program is also equipped with charts, written aides and audio that help users to create a personalized workout.

The best part of the program is that it actually works. Athletes are raised to believe that they have to feel pain to make progress. This workout program shows that this is entirely untrue. It is far gentler on the body than typical workouts, but still delivers results. According to the video, users can develop a better sex life, improved sleep habits, greater insight and reduced stress. Each of these individual benefits alone make the program worth the money.

Convenience and Quality Combine to Make a Top-Notch Workout

Yoga studios regularly charge $10 or more per class. For the busy professional, spending the money and finding the time to make it to class can be impossible. With the Shapeshifter Yoga program, users can choose when they do yoga. It lets users choose the poses that they want to do or stick with the Everyday Flow option. By selecting to use the Everyday Flow program, users get a series of poses that are targeted at working the major muscle groups.

In general, it will take several weeks to start seeing results. Yoga is not a fly-by-night gimmick or diet fad. It takes time to create lasting good health. Although the physical results may arrive after a few weeks, some of the mental and emotional changes will be readily apparent. Users will feel more relaxed and focused within days of starting this program. Designed by an expert in the field, this program is well-worth the money.