Pure Reiki Healing Mastery Reviews

Pure Reiki Healing Mastery reviews

Does Pure Reiki Healing Mastery Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Owen Coleman's Program:

There are plenty of Pure Reiki Healing Mastery Reviews out there on the internet and article seeks to add to that literature. This is a new course involving a method of healing spiritually to heal emotional and physical ailments. Those interested in learning more about therapy can read more about the product and its history and origins below.

About the Author

Reiki is a practice of spiritual healing that was started by Mikao Usui in Japan. He died of a stroke at the age of 60, but not before passing on his skills and knowledge to others. The author of Healing Mastery book is Owen Coleman. He suffered from a pain that was so weakening that he had to stop working. He was skeptical when he arranged a Reiki session after a recommendation from his wife when conventional medicine had no effect.

The treatment was successful in relieving him of his pain. He became a believer of Reiki healing and began a journey to learn all that he could about the art. Learning everything he could, the author wanted to share everything he learned about Reiki healing. His desire to share his eclectic knowledge and experience with Reiki is what led him to create the program, which he established in 2010.

The Basics of Pure Reiki Healing Mastery Healing Art

Reiki is not a popular concept or word, but has recently earned a bit of attention, interest and support from the public. The interest in Reiki is the result of Reiki massage therapies. Reiki as an art for healing the emotional and physical ailments of the body is quite different from the massage of Reiki.

Reiki healing deals more with the spiritual aspect of a person’s healing. Reiki massage is about the use of rubbing and kneading techniques to relieve a person of physical stress. Massage therapists may be licensed to practice both.

The traditional Reiki massage starts at the head and works its way down towards the back and bottom while focusing on the body’s seven chakras. Its main goal is stimulating calm, relief and relaxation throughout the body. Not all massages have to be physical. Some Reiki massages can be conducted by the therapist from a distance of a few inches. It is more common among therapists who are familiar with Reiki healing methods.

Stress Reduction

Reiki healing can be performed in a variety of ways and does not always have to involve healing. The two main methods for using Reiki to relieve stress are distance healing and in-person healing.

In distance healing, a person should be situated inside their home. Outside noises are strongly discouraged to increase the therapy’s effectiveness. Therapists direct their body’s energy to the patient’s body. The process will not involve direct contact between the therapist and the patient.

In-person healing involves direct physical interactions. Patients are asked to lie down on a massage table or a mat. The massage sessions usually involves the use of scented candles, soothing music as well as other aromas to create an atmosphere that would help the patient relax and remain calm. Therapists transmit their energy through the massage and have been known to have a positive impact on persons.

Where to Purchase?

The product has its own website where they sell a variety of literature, videos and audios to people interested to learn about Reiki healing or learn the practice. In addition, there are supplementary music products that are meant to compliment the practice of self-administering the Reiki therapy. They offer a variety of packages for interested people. The complete package of Reiki Mastery adds a bonus book for free.

Pros and Cons

Here are some advantages of Owen Coleman's Pure Reiki Healing Mastery:

Quick to study and learn – The program was designed to be very easy and simple to learn. A user can learn the art of healing through the use of Reiki within 24-48 hours.

Quality content – Reiki healing is an Asian practice. The author gives excellent explanations of the Reiki practice through the instructional media. Self-administered treatment can easily be picked up by those who go through its contents.

No experience necessary – Another great quality of the product is that it does not require prior experience to pick up Reiki healing. The manual is littered with pictures that capture the techniques very well making it easy for anyone to learn it.

Videos included – In addition to the pictures, the product includes nine demo videos to make mastering of the Reiki healing art so easy. The videos are step by step demonstrations of the various techniques of Reiki healing.

An affordable bargain – When compared to other online Reiki courses, Pure Reiki Healing Master offers great value for money. It is priced quite low and offers audio files, access to videos, several bonus items as well as a certificate. The product offers more than what other products offer online.

Does not require equipment or materials – One of the biggest pros of using the product for self-administered treatment is that it does not require equipment or drugs. A person can administer therapy by themselves without having to rely on substances or equipment making it a very affordable form of relief from stress or tension.

Despite having many benefits and advantages, the product still has a few downsides:

Limited distribution channels – The product can only be found on the internet. It is not available anywhere else. This makes it difficult to acquire for those who would prefer to buy their products off of a shelf.

Plenty of content – The product provides a lot of content, which can itself be a downside. The product is not meant to be a small guide on how to practice the art of Reiki healing. It can be mastered within 24-48 hours, but will still require a great deal of effort to absorb the product’s contents.

Demands practice and dedication – The problem with some consumers is that they are not willing to put in the effort. Again, the product is comprehensive, but demands a lot of practice to master. Mastering the art of Reiki involves practice, not just theory.

Product Reactions

Customer reaction to the product ranges from mixed to positive. Many highlight the product’s easy to pick up and master learning curve. It is so easy for customers to get the product and learn to self-administer Reiki healing. In fact, the product’s easy to learn and master program is what makes it stand out from other similar online items.

Many have also noted and praised how it incorporates Mikao Usui’s Reiki healing techniques to a western audience. An Asian art, Reiki healing does not always translate to most westerners because of its eastern origin.

The fact that it requires no prior experience is what gave the product such a warm reception. Other similar programs require some form of background in physical therapy. This product allows users to pick up and learn all that they need to without having to learn or develop other skills.

People have mixed feelings towards the product being available only on the internet. Unfortunately, this is seen as one of the product’s downsides or limitations. People who are not used to online transactions felt uncomfortable acquiring the product from the internet.

Final Thoughts

Pure Reiki Healing Master is affordable and offers so much at its price point. The content and low price gives people excellent value for the money they spend on it. Aside from being affordable, the product also has a 60 day full money back guarantee. The guarantee eliminates the barrier to acquiring the product since those hesitant to spend due to the risk of dissatisfaction can always get their money back within 60 days. There are no other programs that offers this much value at this price.

The product affords people with excellent materials for those who want to experiment with the Reiki experience or become a Reiki healing master. The e-books, videos, and audio materials are high quality. It is a definitely worth a buy for anyone who wants to learn and practice Reiki healing.

In a nutshell, the product delivers an excellent learning course for people who want to learn Reiki healing arts at an affordable price and is a must buy for those who want to master it seeking an alternative form of treatment for their physical and emotional ailments.