Pull-up Challenge Workouts

Pull-up Challenge Workouts reviews

Does Pull-up Challenge Workouts Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Shawna Kaminski's Program:

There are certain assumptions we make when we walk into a gym. When I walk up to the chin up station at my gym I usually expect to see a couple of lean guys doing sets of 8-10 reps. On occasion I will see a very strong, very lean woman bust out 3 or 4 good pull-ups, but that happens about twice a year.

No Ordinary Woman

One thing I have never seen is a woman in her late forties walk up to the bar and perform 20 pull-ups in a row. In fact, before I learned about Shawna Kaminski I wouldn’t have believed it to be possible. This mother of two who is now 49 years old has put big, strong guys to shame time and time again with her feats of strength and endurance, and in her Pull-up Challenge Workouts program she teaches others how to match her accomplishments. She has enjoyed worldwide recognition for her performance, and has established herself as a role model for women who want to improve their strength, particularly when it comes to doing pull-ups and push-ups.

Kaminski turns all of the myths about women having inferior upper body strength on their heads. According to her, any woman can build this level of strength with the right training program. Just going up to the bar and trying to do as many pull-ups you can is not going to do it. It takes an intelligent and measured approach, and in her guide Kaminski walks you through every step of the process.

Even Beginners Can Do It

Even women who have never attempted to do a single pull-up can use this system, as it starts from the very beginning, and does not assume any particular level of strength or technique has already been achieved. Shawna starts by explaining why women typically have so much trouble with feats of upper body strength. She goes on to emphasize that, with proper training, women are just as capable as men when it comes to improving strength and performance in upper body exercises.

Controlled Cheating

One of the main concepts you will use in your training is something Shawna calls controlled cheating. This innovative technique allows women to quickly build strength—even if they cannot perform a single pull-up. It will take some time and a lot of hard work to approach the strength levels Kaminski has achieved, but she guides you through the whole process, so you know you will always be on the right track. For some women, she claims, doing the first pull-up is the greatest challenge. Once a woman can perform one good repetition, her strength will quickly increase.

Time for Action

You can get your hands on this world renowned program for just $39, which includes personal support from the author. Hundreds of women have used the Pull-ups Workout program to make radical improvements in their performance, and many have left positive reviews on their website. If you’re a woman who is not satisfied with lifting the pink dumbbells and walking on the treadmill, get your hands on Kaminski’s program and watch your abilities shoot through the roof.