Psoriasis Revolution Book Reviews

Psoriasis Revolution reviews

Does Psoriasis Revolution Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Dan Crawford's Program:

The skin disease known as plaque psoriasis is a chronic condition that occurs when the immune system sends out faulty signals that increase the growth rate of skin cells. these rapidly maturing skin cells take only three to four days to surface and instead of falling off, form the inflamed and red, flaky patches characteristic of psoriasis.

"Psoriasis Revolution" is a 245-page e-book by Dan Crawford, a former psoriasis patient, that gives suffers a complete, secret guide on how to get rid of this ugly skin condition permanently through natural methods. The book examines why psoriasis occurs, explains why traditional treatments don't work and how the unconventional treatment detailed in "Psoriasis Revolution" is successful.

Why Do I Look Like a Scaly Red Fish?

When you have psoriasis, your immune system produces excessive fighter T-cells to halt pathogens. This excess causes inflammation. In turn, skin cells are trapped on the skin surface, multiplying at an alarming rate to cause scaliness. Itchiness, and the resultant scratching, causes the release of more of T-cells.

This continuous cycle that results on the formation of plaque means the immune system is not functioning optimally. Crawford's system is designed to balance the immunity to restore its inherent power so that T-cells may be used only when necessary.

Getting Rid of Psoriasis Can't Be That Easy

Individuals who follow this program should begin to see results within a week of starting. The regimen works by addressing issues that cause psoriasis in the first place. Several important components go into strengthening the immune system, especially sleep, which has a restorative effect as the immune system functions best when not engaged in other activities. Aerobic exercise, even as little as 30 minutes per day, boosts the immune system and keeps skin in prime shape. Hydration is another important factor as six to eight glasses of water per day are necessary for psoriasis sufferers.

The most important factor in “Psoriasis Revolution” is the role that diet plays. Readers will learn which foods can produce a counter influence on psoriasis along with how to maintain the acid/alkaline balance to remain free of this skin disease. The e-book also recommends examining your diet to see if any foods may be causing allergies and adding probiotic foods to your diet along with supplements such as vitamin C, zinc, echinacea and herbal teas.

You Cant Lose With This Program

It’s all natural, so you don’t have to worry about drug interactions or other adverse effects on your body. This system will not only improve and eliminate psoriasis, it will also have a positive effect on your overall health. A wide variety of options are available for patients to try to improve their situation, so a little bit of trial and error is sometimes necessary to achieve results. In addition, patients need dedicate themselves to follow the recommendations in order to see results. There is no magic bullet to get results as patients must follow the regimen. Individual metabolic response can also affect how well skin will respond.

The well-written guide also does a good job of presenting traditional treatments by clearly discussing them in layman’s terms and fairly characterizes the pros and cons of each option. All recommended foods, supplements, teas and drinks are readily available and may be easily substituted in patient diets.