Photographic Memory Review

Photographic Memory reviews

Does Photographic Memory Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Greg Frost's Program:

Having a better memory can be a huge asset—one that could help with academics, professional endeavors, and even in your personal life. We have all heard stories about individuals who have a photographic memory—meaning they can remember everything they come across as if they have a photograph of the event stored in their minds. Who wouldn’t want to have such an ability?

Awaken Your Photographic Memory is a guide that can teach anyone how to tap into this amazing ability and use it to their advantage. Greg Frost, the author of the book, has years of experience working with improving memory, and has developed techniques that have been proven to be effective in this regard. Rather than focusing on simple memorization, the techniques in this system teach students to use a whole new process of taking in information. This is what leads to the dramatic improvement in recall abilities. As you repeat this method over and over your mind learns how to take in information in this way automatically. This takes a lot of practice, but the results are well worth the effort.

A Learned Skill

Most people are surprised to learn that this ability can be developed by individuals who don’t have it naturally. While these techniques for developing a photographic memory are a true revelation, it is important to point out that there is no such thing as a perfect memory. Even natural autodidacts cannot remember everything they have ever encountered. That being said, the improvements in recall you will gain from following these techniques is nothing short of astounding.

There are quite a few memory enhancing games that can be used to make the process of memorizing information more efficient. These include word association, list building and storytelling exercises. These simple exercises are great for helping folks remember bits of data like birthdays, phone numbers and the like. In Frost’s guide you will learn simple techniques like these along with more advanced information processing techniques that will put your memory improving work on auto-pilot.

The Picture Game

One technique that I found to be very useful is the Picture Game. It works with children and adults, and is a fun and interesting way to start improving your memory. It works via a natural process, as it forces your mind to develop new techniques for remembering increasing amounts of data about a specific image. You will look at an image for a minute or so, and then pass it on to a friend who will ask you increasingly difficult details about the image. You will start with simple questions about the foreground and background, and eventually you will be able to move on to subtle details about the image. This technique trains your brain to notice more data in a shorter amount of time, and to recall it with accuracy.

A Comprehensive Memory Improving Course

This is just one of the many techniques in the guide, and following Frost’s instructions you will learn how to use these exercises in such a way as to tap into to the photographic memory that we are all capable of having.