Asian Flush Treatment Review

No Red Face Formula reviews

Does No Red Face Formula Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Asian flush Cure's Program:

Many individuals experience a curious allergic reaction to alcohol that is colloquially known as Asian Flush, and involves redness of the face, altered breathing, headache, nausea and dizziness. This condition is known by many different names including:

· Asian Flush · Asian Glow  · Asian Red  · Asian Turn Red Syndrome  · Lash Rash

Individuals of Asian descent are particularly affected by this condition, but people of different ethnicities are also affected. No Red Face Formula is a guide that offers a natural solution to Asian Flush putting an end to the uncomfortable symptoms and letting individuals enjoy a night of drinking (in moderation, of course).

My Story

I am a Japanese American, and have been getting Asian Flush since I first started drinking alcohol. When I heard about this book I was quite curious, so I went to the website and gave it a look.

The side made some pretty bold claims, and had about 20 positive testimonials, but I have always been skeptical about these so-called natural health products, so I was hesitant to make a purchase. If the book didn’t come with a money back guarantee I probably would have passed, but I decided to give it a try, as I would be able to get a refund if it turned out to be a total flop.

My case of Asian Flush is pretty bad, and I was really hoping to get some relief from the methods in the book. The guide was only $37, so I purchased the guide through the secure checkout page and was able to immediately download the eBook. I was glad it came as a digital download, as this meant I would not have to wait for a physical book to arrive in the mail. It also meant no shipping charges, and I was also happy about that.

Will the Book Live Up to its Promises?

I started reading through the book as soon as I downloaded it, as I had plans to go out for drinks that weekend and wanted to test out the method. The book was easy to read and actually made a lot of sense. It really seemed like the authors knew what they were talking about, so I started to get optimistic. Three days later it was time to put it to the test and see how it panned out.

I made sure to follow the method down to the minutest detail to make sure I was giving it a fair try. I followed the instructions and immediately head out to the bar to meet my friends.

The Field Test Commences

I had my first drink and felt fine. My symptoms usually started showing up after drink number two, so this was normal. I ordered my second drink and was starting to get nervous about the method not working. I told myself I was out to have a good time, and was able to calm down and enjoy my drink (and my friend’s company).

I quickly finished my second drink and ordered a third. A couple sips into it I realized that my breathing felt pretty normal, and I wasn’t getting a headache. I decided to finish the third drink before checking out the mirror, so I quickly downed it. I’m a bit of a lightweight, so three quick drinks gave me quite a buzz. I was ready to walk into the bathroom and see my giant red face in the mirror—but I was pleasantly surprised. No red face and no other symptoms.

I had four drinks that night with no symptoms, and have since used the method three more times with similar results. My review is as follows; it works great, so try it for yourself!