Natural Urticaria Relief Ebook Review

Natural Urticaria Relief reviews

Does Natural Urticaria Relief Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Kate Andrews's Program:

Urticaria is the medical name for the condition often referred to as hives. One in five people are affected by hives at some time in their lives. Urticaria typically presents in the form of reddish welts on the skin that can be mildly to severely itchy depending on the individual. These hives are a result of histamine release in the skin, which causes fluid to leak from blood vessels near the skin’s surface. There are actually two forms of urticaria, acute and chronic, each having some unique characteristics.

Acute Urticaria

Acute urticaria usually lasts 4-6 weeks, but could last only hours or days in some cases. Some common causes of acute hives include:

  • Foods allergens found in shellfish, eggs, and peanuts
  • Some medications like antibiotics or aspirin
  • Getting stung or bitten by insects
  • Blood transfusions
  • Infections like UTIs, strep throat, the common cold, mononucleosis, and hepatitis

Acute hives will often subside when the precipitant leaves the system or heals.

Chronic Urticaria

Chronic urticaria persists for 6 weeks or longer. It is often quite difficult to pinpoint the cause of chronic hives, and it is believed that compromised immune function is to blame for many of these cases. Chronic urticaria can also be a result of hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, or in rare cases cancer. There is growing evidence that many of the previous unexplained cases of chronic urticaria can be attributed to infection in the gut.

The symptoms or chronic urticaria can be treated with calamine lotion, but this is in no way a cure for the condition. The lack of a suitable treatment for chronic hives is what prompted Kate Andrews to look for alternative treatments that would do more than just minimize the symptoms. Kate suffered with chronic hives for more than 20 years, but eventually her tireless research bore fruit, and the methods she discovered are shared in her book Natural Urticaria Relief.

How Natural Urticaria Relief Works

This comprehensive holistic guide to treating chronic urticaria offers a proven step-by-step method to get free from the condition for good without the use of drugs, surgery, or medical intervention of any kind.

In her research Kate discovered that urticaria, along with a host of common medical conditions; all share a common underlying cause. I’m not going to give it away here, but I will say that treating this root cause, which the guide will show you how to do, will not only get rid of your chronic urticaria, but will also improve your overall health and make you more resistant to disease.

Natural Urticaria Relief shows you exactly how to reverse the effects of this silent killer and take back your health. By treating the condition in a holistic way you’ll be making an investment in your long term health.

Some of the things you’ll learn from the book include:

  • How to naturally strengthen the immune system
  • How to natural detoxify your organs
  • How to kill the harmful microorganisms that live in the digestive tract
  • How to remove heavy metal contaminants and free radicals from the body

Individuals with chronic urticaria have reported complete relief in as little as two weeks after starting the program in Natural Urticaria Relief. While it is often assumed that urticaria is the result of external allergens, Andrews’ approach looks at things a bit differently. She claims that malfunctions in the immune system are the main problem, and that when these weaknesses are addressed and remedied, the same allergens that led to urticaria in the past will not cause the itchy red hives they used to.

User Feedback

The feedback she has received for her method is overwhelmingly positive, with many users reporting the complete cessation of symptoms after decades of suffering with hives. The methods Andrews recommends are suitable for people of any age, and have shown to be effective for individuals suffering from dermographism and angioedema as well as urticaria.

Natural Urticaria Relief is available for digital download, which means you will be able to start reading the guide and putting the information to use within minutes of making the purchase. At only $27 it is highly affordable, and is a great value. It is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, so the purchase is completely risk free.