My Back Pain Coach Review

My Back Pain Coach reviews

Does My Back Pain Coach Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Ian Hart's Program:

If you're reading this, you've probably experienced back pain once. Or perhaps, your pain has been persisting for a while that it's seriously affecting your life. A majority of the population knows what it means, but only those who've had it for long understand how uncomfortable and agonizing it really is.

Back pain can hinder you from exercising and working. It can be caused by back strain, bad posture, prolonged repetitive activities, or conditions in the musculoskeletal system. Medications usually include painkillers to relieve the soreness; but this only stops you from feeling pain but does not cure back pain itself. Other treatments can range from physical therapy to surgery, depending on its severity.

For those who are resistant to medicine or surgery, natural methods are preferred. My Back Pain Coach is one such method that claims to have helped thousands cure their back pain completely.

The Author

The author of the program mentioned is Ian Hart, an inhabitant of South Carolina who runs his own clinic that specializes on back pain. He also owns a gym and programs related to back pain. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Being an athlete in basketball, he says he has suffered back pain which prevented him from playing his beloved sport. After trying various treatment methods from painkillers to acupuncture and therapies, he decided not to pursue surgery.

Coincidentally, he met a man named Bojan, a Master's degree holder in Exercise Science. This man taught him techniques, based on different branches of human biology, to cure him of his ailment permanently. These tricks are what he shares in his program.

What's in "My Back Pain Coach"?

Unlike other programs, My Back Pain Coach is not a book but a series of videos. You can watch these videos online or download them as mp4. There's also a DVD option that gives access to the videos online. Aside from the videos, there are 7 written pages on some of the exercises in the program.

The package includes the main videos for the exercise program, ten additional coaching videos, one-on-one coaching, and a video on how to begin the day. Some of these videos are about how to use the abs, how to enhance flexibility, and how to go up and down without injury.

The program teaches a series of eight movements that you need to do for 16 minutes regularly to get rid of your back pain. The video itself takes around 28 minutes to explain how to do the exercises with some explanations.

There are three levels in this program. The first level teaches how to get into the right form before proceeding to the next level. The second level teaches some exercises. And the third teaches the most advanced exercises. Before going into the next level, you must first follow the preceding level three times per week for at least three weeks.

The goal of his program, according to the author, is to restore the balance in the back muscles. This is done by increasing the flow of blood to the back, containing the needed oxygen and nutrients. This helps your back heal itself.

He proves this claim by showing two thermal images. One picture shows the back with shades of green, blue, and purple that shows the person is cold. The second picture taken after performing the exercises shows red, yellow, and orange colors. These indicate warmth and blood flow to the region.

His 16 minute program consists of eight movements which he claims to be totally safe:

  • Movement 1: The first movement gets your back muscles ready by stimulating them.
  • Movement 2: The second movement involves continually stimulating your imbalanced back muscles and also activating your muscles in the hips.
  • Movement 3: The third part is where you will feel your pain lessened and set for exercising.
  • Movement 4: The fourth movement is where you will feel energized as you feel less pain. This is when the blood flows carrying the needed nutrients.
  • Movement 5: The fifth part is where your back's accumulated stress is released.
  • Movement 6: The sixth movement helps your back muscle balance itself along your spine and lower back.
  • Movement 7: The seventh movement sets your back muscles, spinal cord, and hips in their proper alignment.
  • Movement 8: The eighth movement flushes out old blood in the spine and replaces it with new blood filled with oxygen and nutrients to relieve your back.

The Plus Side

Good quality videos

The videos included in the program are shot well and look professional. Aside from the main program, there are also a lot of videos with useful tips. The use of videos is also very helpful in showing how the exercises are done. Aside from this, they are easy to follow and the author explains them well.

No side effects

Since the program consists only of exercises, there are no side effects like in medication. Exercise is usually a practice to promote good health.

Painkillers only make you numb from feeling pain but not cure the root of the problem. On the other hand, this program claims that it will not only reduce the pain you are now feeling, but cure the ailment itself permanently.

The exercises are also low impact ones that don't need any special skill or too much strength and endurance.

Can be done anywhere

The exercises can be done anywhere you want, anytime. There is no need for any tools or equipment. And the only thing you might want to use is a mat for exercises that need you to lie down.

Immediate relief

The exercises need only about 16 minutes to be performed. You will feel the effects right away. Although the effect is not permanent on the first try, less pain is felt afterwards. And as the exercises are followed on a regular basis, it claims that gradual relief is felt until the pain is cured completely.

Aside from pain relief, the program also helps strengthen your core muscles that are important for balancing your body. Balance and stability are necessary in doing physical work and activities.

Many positive feedback

There are a lot of people who claim to have their back pains cured through the program. Many reviews claim that they have tried other treatments that proved ineffective. They say they only found relief through this program.

The Minus Side

Takes time

Although some relief is felt almost immediately, going through all levels for permanent cure of your back pain takes a lot of time and effort. It takes discipline to do the exercises 16 minutes regularly. And it takes even more effort to go through the different levels for many weeks.

No printable version

If you're the type of person who likes to read and wants to learn things silently, this could be a negative for you. The program doesn't have a PDF or any text version. So you would need a tablet or a computer to learn the exercises.

Many videos

There are too many videos to watch. Some of them could just have been combined.

Lack of basis on claims

Most diets or workout programs can be considered credible through the author's background and scientific studies. But this program seems to be lacking in both.

Aside from a lack of relevant academic credentials of the author, there was also little effort to show that these exercises are based on scientific research.

What Customers Are Saying

There are numerous customer feedback on the program. A majority of them are positive comments. Most people who turn to the program are those suffering from back pain for long and those suffering from severe cases.

One yoga instructor who tried the program says she was suffering from having a weak core and lower back pain. She said she consulted with many doctors who told her to have surgery. But after four procedures, her back pain still remained. She said she finally turned to this program and fortunately, she was happy with the results.

Another grandmother of five shares how she had difficulty with just bending down and doing other activities. But she says after she did the program, she was able to move more freely.

Another says she had to go to a chiropractor for years to relieve her from pain in her sciatica, hip, shoulders, and neck. But these did not cure her but just gave temporary relief. After going through the program, she did not have muscle pain anymore and could exercise and do other activities.

Some complaints received were mostly about limitations of the customers. A few mentioned that they could not do the exercises that required lying down.


Despite the lack of solid scientific studies, My Back Pain Coach has been successful for curing back pain. And in Ian Hart's defense for lack of academic credentials, he has years of experience in the field.

Having no side effects and being fairly affordable, this program is worth a try. If you're experiencing back pain at times or for long, you know how uncomfortable and disabling it could be. Hindering your normal activities gets in the way of enjoying your life fully. And there's always a need to address your problem. And you probably know that the natural way is always the better way.

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