Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Book Reviews

Muscle Gaining Secrets reviews

Does Muscle Gaining Secrets Really Work or Is it a Scam? Here is a review of Jason Ferruggia's Program:

"Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0" is an eBook designed specifically for men interested in increasing lean muscle mass. The program was developed by Jason Ferruggia after a lifetime of struggling to turn his scrawny physique into a pumped-up physique with sculpted muscle. He realized after years of trying to keep up with other men that his body was different. He went on a journey to discover what would work for his body even though it seemed resistant to gaining lean muscle mass.

After proving that scrawny men can become muscular men, he used his findings to create the program in this book. For the complete beginner, the book includes a simple program with clear step-by-step instructions to get started without making common rookie mistakes. The book also includes nutrition information and a 90-day workout program complete with printable worksheets that detail every workout required to complete the program. Whether you start with the beginner program or jump to the full program depends on how much you already know about muscle building.

Are You a Hard Gainer?

A hard gainer struggles to build muscle mass even when they follow the perfect nutritional program, take all the right supplements and complete the same workouts as other men. While those other men bulk up quickly, the hard gainer shows little to no results even after completing workouts consistently for months or years. If you relate to that struggle, then "Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0" was developed just for you.

There are thousands of websites and hundreds of books teaching basic muscle-building concepts. As a hard gainer, you have probably followed advice given in many of those books and websites, and your results were probably disappointing. Jason Ferruggia had the same problem until he realized that improving his strength would increase his muscle gains, but his body needed a different approach to gain strength.

When traditional muscle-gaining methods failed Jason, he did his research, experimented with his own body, and over time, developed a program that worked for his hard-gaining body. You don't have to do that research yourself because he has released it through his book, "Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0."

Hard Gainer to Muscle Gainer – What to Expect

Have you ever been told that you have to work twice as hard as others because you are an unlucky hard gainer? Many men in your position spend hours in the gym each day and invest in expensive equipment so that they can workout even more at home. While they may see some progress, it is never worth the amount of time they invest.

Jason won't ask you to do more than approximately three hours of exercise each week. Instead of working harder, he will show you how to work smarter. Instead of working against your body's natural chemistry, he will help you understand that chemistry so that you can work with your body.

You will need at least a set of dumbbells and barbells to complete the program. Some of the exercises are more effective if you also have a chin-up bar and power rack, but that isn't required. You can complete your workouts in your home or at the gym, and the printable workout sheets make it easy to take your workout wherever your busy lifestyle leads.

No Experience Necessary

Since the program includes step-by-step guidance for beginners, you need no experience to start transforming your body from scrawny to sculpted. Get the book, secure basic weightlifting equipment, and get ready to transform your hard-gaining physique.